Glow in the dark

Councilor wants establishments to use luminescent paints in fire exits

FOLLOWING the deadly NCCC mall fire, a city councilor has proposed an ordinance requiring establishments to use photo luminescent, or glow-in-the-dark, paints on hallways and fire exits.

Pushed by Councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta who chairs the Council Committee on Peace and Public Safety Chair, the city council yesterday

passed on first reading the proposed measure.

 In her privilege speech, Acosta said she filed the proposed measure in response to the Dec. 23 fire incident at NCCC that left 38 individuals dead.

 The lawmaker said that “many countries have already begun the use of photoluminescent or glow-in-the-dark paint to guide persons to emergency exits and other possible means of egress, especially when the power goes out. Often, emergencies place one in critical circumstances where every moment counts.”

 Acosta also cited the accounts of the survivors of the NCCC Mall fire that in a few seconds after the electricity went out, dark smoke from the fire was already blurring their vision and not all of them could recall the way to the nearest exits.

 “The installation of glow-in-the-dark paint would save valuable seconds for people unsure of where the nearest possible exit is and guide them toward safety without having to fumble around in the dark,” Acosta said.

 The city councilor also noted that photoluminescent signs are efficient in pointing the available exits as it does not require electricity, minimal maintenance, longer lasting, and can illuminate a wider area than regular emergency lights.