WAV Entertainment Central aims to be the coolest bar in the city – one step at a time. First on its agenda is to have a well-fed service crew who enjoy a good meal every night before getting into action to serve the customers with reasonable speed.

A considerable amount of time and effort had been spent to sanitize and renovate the place. Placing a couch inside the ladies’ powder room is an indication of WAV’s commitment to delight the customer by going an extra mile whenever possible.


LOCAL live bands spice up the sound trip every night at WAV.

WAV recruited a food and beverage expert from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to introduce more savory Southeast Asian food recipes and unique cocktails for the guests to choose from.The bar dares to open every night to be always available to those who are looking for a reliable watering hole. Local live bands like Naughty Notes, Most Wanted, Flight 99, Blacklist, New Edge, Davao 7, World Peace, and the Don blast away the boredom with good music.


THE SECOND floor of WAV Entertainment Central is equipped with a pool table, dart game board, and an exclusive videoke room. 1h

Veteran disc jockeys, a.k.a. original Wild Boys, from Wild 92.3 WT take turns to spin records in between the performance sets of live bands. The Wild Boys use analog turntables but extract materials from digital sources. Newbie DJs would have a hard time using the equipment but the Wild Boys play with ease because of their years of experience with turntables at Wild FM and at the defunct Double Dutch Disco (later called Mad Max) in the late 80s until the late 90s.


BABY, what a big surprise. DJ Big Ben can hit the high notes without going falsetto (e.g., Highway Star, Hard to Say I’m Sorry, and other hard-to-sing songs).

The WAV second floor is now equipped with a pool table, dart game board, and an exclusive videoke room. A coffee bar will also adorn the second floor when the imported coffee-making machine arrives.

With the city’s early liquor ban that drastically affects the nocturnal entertainment business, WAV is in an exploration mode on how to attract early birds at the bar. One of its concepts is to open before sundown with discounted prices on food and drinks at the pathway area. To encourage guests to enjoy dinner at WAV even before the live bands and DJs perform, affordable “tapsilog-type” recipes will be served. As soon as the additional comfort room gets erected near the entrance gate, the tapsi-WAV project will be rolled out at Php 120 per meal with free ice tea. Tapsi-WAV consumed at the pathway area will be cheaper by 50%.

For more updates, visit the WAV Entertainment Central Facebook page at WAV is located at Ponciano Reyes Street, Davao City, near the 7-11 store.

We share pictures from Jino G. Severo.

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