MANY students and employees of the University of Mindanao are familiar with Ador’s Barber Shop at the Ponciano wing of the campus. Ador himself manned the shop alone. He was compelled to operate his own shop after a spat with the management of a big barbershop where he used to work.

Ador claimed to have been cutting hair at the original Doming’s along Rizal Street in Davao City with the late Doming Arteche. He continued working for the new owner who took over the shop after Mr. Arteche passed away. But Ador would take his day off whenever there was Manny Pacquiao boxing fight on TV. He had informed the new management about his quirk but it did not sit well with the owner.

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The shell of Ador’s Barber Shop, posted online by Facebook user Bobet Castillo

For years, Ador was doing well serving the UM Bolton community and nearby customers but he felt the deceleration of his haircutting business since the UM criminology students attended classes elsewhere – probably in UM Matina. Ador Barber Shop has closed shop. Prior to the closure, he took the cellphone numbers of his customers because he might just return someday to Davao if his adventure to a foreign land fails. He said that he would try his luck as a barber in the Middle East.

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THE LOCAL mixed martial arts community is the “other world” of Ador the barber

Ador was a Mixed Martial Arts junkie, not as a spectator but a fighter. Never mind if the smell of victory has always been miles away from him. He just loved to fight and entertained his customers at the barber shop how he lost one time too many. At least, he kept his body in good shape with exercise and proper diet. Perhaps he was also hooked to the adrenaline rush on the ring.

Ador’s MMA fighting could have been improved a lot if he had a trainer coach like Abelardo “Bambi” Posadas of Python’s Pit but like in his barbershop, he did solo down the road.

On behalf of those served well by Ador Barber Shop, I wish Ador the best of luck and may he return with his pockets bulging with bundles of dollars someday.

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