FREEZE| Scenes from Roxas Night Market

AN EXPLOSION on September 2, 2016, Friday night, brought tears and fears in the city. At first we were in denial and bought the idea that the blast was caused by a defective liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank somewhere. That was the initial information gathered by a vendor who was discreetly selling cigarettes in a corner along Ponciano Reyes Street.

FOOD galore at Roxas

FOOD galore at Roxas

 Later we learned that a bomb caused the disturbance at the busy Roxas night market. The bang claimed at least fifteen lives. 70 other people were wounded. One month after the attack that used an improvised explosive device, police and the armed forces arrested three of the ten suspects who were said to belong to the Maute Group linked to Abu Sayyaf.


PEOPLE are back having fun at the Roxas night market

 In September 2016, there were about 126 other terrorist incidents reported in Baghdad in Iraq, Charkh in Afghanistan, Mosul in Iraq, Stanytsia-Luhanska in Ukraine, Markoye in Burkina Faso, Lushoto in Tanzania, Mardan in Pakistan, Vincennes in France, Sofala in Mozimbique, Nagaland in India, Khokpo in Tahiland, Khurmatu in Iraq, Hama in Syria, Osny in France, Aden in Yemen, Toumour in Niger, Jizan and Najran in Saudi Arabia, Kabul in Afghanistan, Taranto in Italy, Narthiwat in Thailand, Mogadishu in Somalia, Kashmir in India, Derna in Libya, Rask in Serbia, Boni in Mali, Minto in Australia, Tunceli province in Turkey, Mombasa in Kenya, Isolo in Somalia, Ontario in Canada, Al-Arish, Sinai in Egypt, East Jerusalem, Hebron in West Bank, New York and New Jersey in the United States of America, and other places. This was based on the Global Terrorism Database.

 Fifteen months after the Roxas night market attack, I took some pictures at the place near the Ateneo de Davao University campus and Aldevinco shopping center.

POLICEMEN patrol the Roxas area

POLICEMEN patrol the Roxas area

 The police now constantly monitor the area. There were no signs of fear among the vendors and customers who enjoy the cheap food there. I heard a few young ladies talking in perfect English with Hollywood accent as they look for a place to dine.

 It’s business as usual now at the Roxas night market.

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