DAVAO City residents are so lucky to enjoy a lot of wonderful things every day: the tropical weather, friendly people, a view of the tallest peak in the country, and the abundant flora and fauna that support life in the island – as reflected in the new tourism logo of Davao.

Including roasted chicken and seafood in the logo may be superfluous but these goodies never fail to wow the natives and visitors for a real Davao style dining experience. Some restaurants offer chicken cooked on an electric grill but they do not taste and look as good as the coal-roasted ones.


FRESH seafood at Ram’s

Ram’s Lechon Manok has been around for quite some time – not because of media advertising but due to excellent customer experience on delicious chicken and seafood delights. It has its branches along Ecoland Drive, Ma-a Road, and Bago Aplaya in Davao City.

Owned and operated by a true blue Kapampangan, Ram’s Lechon Manok is attuned to the discriminating taste of those who could tell the difference between tasty and so-so meals. The Bago branch continues to attract dine-in and to-go customers. It also has function rooms that could accommodate up to 200 guests.

Life in Davao is good. Ram’s is one of the reasons why.

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