BASS guitar players are harder to find than guitar players. Beginner musicians would usually pick the acoustic or electric guitar over the bass because of many reasons. One could be the ease of acquiring a guitar since it could be found almost anywhere. Most rockstars tend to be electric guitar players and fans emulate their idols.

In the BBC documentary called “I’m in a Rock and Roll Band,” it was proposed that there is always a professional rivalry between the singer and the lead guitarist on getting the crowd’s attention while the bass player keeps a role that hold the band’s sound together (along with the drummer) without competing with the singer and guitarist. Of course, there are exceptions like Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers who could steal attention with his riffs.


A RELATIVELY cheap Fender Squier Jazz Bass with a free bass amplifier that I got from Pitch Perfect store at SM City Davao


The EPIPHONE Viola Bass – modeled after Paul McCartney’s Hofner Bass – from Crescendo music store at SM Lanang Premiere

Perhaps only those who really understand the dynamics of music consciously listen to the bass parts. Without the bass, many hit songs would not sound good because the mood provided by the instrument would be absent. The rhythm would be different, too. The bass player provides the rhythmic impulse locked in with the drummer. Jazz swings because of the walking bass lines. In a funk or reggae band, the bass player brings out the fun factor.

Can you imagine the Cream’s song “Sunshine of Your Love” without the bass part? How about the Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” or Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean?” The bass dictates the feel and mood of those songs – even if the fans tend to praise the singer or the guitarist more than the bass player.


PAUL McCartney playing a Hofner bass (image from


ROGER Waters of Pink Floyd (image from

I’ve been playing the guitar as a hobby since I was a kid and picked up the bass only when I entered my 50s. I found out that there is a different kind of joy in hitting the bass notes – like a power to create thunder and quakes. For newbies, there are many bass guitar lessons on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet.

A bass player could probably find it easier to find a band that needs one than a guitarist because many musicians would agree that “guitarists are a dime a dozen” in terms of available talents. But whatever instrument one prefers to play, it is encouraging to learn that many scientific studies put forward the idea that playing a musical instrument is good for the brain.

So play on.

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