A PAINTING on a wall can make a place look vibrant, calming, or mysterious. Murals have been around since ancient times – in Egyptian tombs (3150 BC) and earlier somewhere in France (30,000 BC).  Murals bring art into the public sphere and provoke viewers to think.

SOME of the works of Muralist Davao

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Some business establishment owners hire mural artists to enhance the venue with designs that blend into the architecture. Even homeowners who long for something unique on the walls and ceilings call muralists for help. In Davao City, some members of Guhit Pinas Davao formed a sub-group called Muralist Davao to meet the growing demand for the art.

Veteran versatile artist Perry Liquigan has been sharing his knowledge and skills with young artists like mark Ortega, Jamar Ladjahasan, Mat Licmuan, Niño Acero, Eme Ferolino, Marjun Bayawa, Jeanne Astacaan, and Cindy Ignacio to fuel their passion and for a living. The rates that they charge for a mural may vary according to space and difficulty level.

Located at 382 Emilio Jacinto Extension, Muralist Davao may be reached on social media at and through 0956-389-4974.

Some of the works of Muralist Davao

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