MTS is how the locals call Matina Town Square, a popular nightspot in Davao City along MacArthur Highway. It’s the place where many of my musician friends play and drink beer.


TABOAN is absolutely empty at 2 in the afternoon but this area gets filled with good bands, pleanty of customers, food, and beer at night


KANTO Bar is where I prefer to chill


BLUGRE is one of the enduring local coffee shops 

I usually go there after sunset because that’s when the fun starts until 2 in the morning. MTS is like a beautiful lady who’s almost always seen only at night. Matina Town Square actually opens as early as 8 in the morning because it is also the venue of several business establishments that do not necessarily cater to nocturnal clients.

When I went to see Dr. Maricar Lim of BeautyMD at MTS last week for a feature in Mindanao Times, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of MTS at 2 in the afternoon.

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