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The Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) is just a short boat rip away from Davao City. Probably the most popular destination there is Paradise Island Beach Resort as the owners keep making the place as clean and interesting as possible. People also go to Pearl Farm for more upscale amenities and services. These two top tourist spots have successfully been enjoying top-of-mind awareness among travelers for decades.

IGACOS is made of Samal Island and the smaller Talikud Island in the Davao Gulf. There are other smaller islands in the area. Many divers explore the waters near those islets – like Ligid Gamay (small) and Ligid Dako (big). Most “Island Hopping” boats wait for customers at Sta. Ana wharf – near Magsaysay Park; others serve from the Marina Wharf along Lanang Beach Club – near the Waterfront Insular Hotel at the north side of the city.

The waiting place at Marina Wharf for Island Hopping customers

The waiting place at Marina Wharf for Island Hopping customers

During summer and in December, the island hopping business is at its peak because of the influx of foreigners and tourists from different parts of the country. The lean season compels the tour operators to rest on weekdays.

To entertain guests from Norway (said to be the happiest place on Earth – according to a 20 March 2017 United Nations Agency report on BBC News), the Pilay family of Toril and their friends took the Marina Wharf route to Ligid Islands for a sightseeing adventure on and under the water last Saturday, 30 June 2018. It was a smooth 90-minute morning boat ride to the first stop.

Marine biologist wannabe Selina Pilay and friends communed with underwater creatures – along with dive masters East Pardillo of Scuba Diving International and Ivan of Carabao Dive Center. The rest swam on shallow waters, hitched on a jet ski, and had a picnic on the boat.

Off to Ligid Islands at around eight in the morning

Off to Ligid Islands at around eight in the morning

The trip back to Marina Wharf at around four in the afternoon was like a small rollercoaster ride because of the current that was stronger than in the morning.

The Ligid Islands adventure was a great way to bond with family and friends. It was also an eye-opening experience to learn that rubbish or flotsam still exists in some coastal areas.

Thanks to Ging and Bok Pilay for the ride.


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