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WHY are June weddings popular? The “June Bride” tradition dates back to Roman times celebrating the marriage of the deities Juno and Jupiter.

According to, “In the 14th Century, June was the top pick because it’s when people began to bathe again following winter, and brides wanted a pleasant smelling crowd. It was also convenient because flowers were newly available and very necessary to mask the smell of those who hadn’t yet cleaned up… Today, for June brides (or those considering a June wedding) it’s good to note the following things: Flowers costs do begin to drop in June as more stock becomes available closer to home, especially bright blooms like lilies, orchids, and peonies… Hurricane season is technically June- November in many places, but June is the safest of all months. “1b

Data collected in the U.S. by in 2015 reveal, “Our data show that just about 80% of all weddings happen in the six months between May and October.”

In a 2017 report, the Los Angeles Times said, “For a long time, the most popular month to tie the knot was June. The late spring month was right after the end of the school year, so new graduates wouldn’t have to skip a beat before starting adult life… But that is not the case anymore. The most popular time of year to get married these days is the fall, especially October.” says, “In the Philippines the marry month of June for couples to schedule their wedding day was influenced with the coming of the American colonizers.  Thomasite teachers intermarried with their fellow American colonizers or brought their mates over from the mainland for a summer wedding in our country… However, it seems that among the customs and traditions, the month of December and not June is the marrying month.   The rationale is that after the harvest season is over there is enough money to spread and spend with the celebration of the Christmas season and likewise enough money to spare for the wedding feast.”

Just like celebrating the date of birth of Jesus on December 25 – even if it’s not stated in the gospels or in any secular text – the perception of June as the “ideal month” to become a bride persists.

Last month of June, Manila Production Singapore gathered local photographers and models for a “Bridal Fashion” photo session. With HMUA (hair and makeup artist) Juliet Salinas Juls, wardrobe stylist Hakima Hachiko, hair stylist Ivan Durane Gentapa, photographers Maisi Book, Tess de los Reyes, Michael Vincent Mancile, Emmanuel Roy Hipe, Hakima Hachicko, and models Anastacia Kvitko, Bern Baro, Lovely Joy Uy, Nhora Lumabao, Irish Swan, and Joann Obeido Mejorada, the team shot pictures at Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant at Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City.

We share some of those photographs from Manila Production Singapore.






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