Freeze | Jason Bon T. Gilles 17-year old Artist from Mintal

JASON Bon Tacdoro Gilles was born on December 1, 2000, in Davao City. Bon aspires to become one of the art teachers in Mindanao. He wants to share his knowledge and talent to the art community and wants to spread the importance of art as part of the cultural identity of the Mindanawon.

Gilles takes pleasure with soft pastels and paints most of the time with live subjects to enhance his sense of observation and flexibility. He spends about three hours to paint small projects and a week for large-scale projects like murals. He started drawing and painting three years ago. The boy from Mintal is grateful to his family, the mentors in the Arts and Design Department of Philippine Women’s College (PWC) and Davao City National High School (DCNHS), and the local art community for inspiring him to improve his craft.

He is proud to join the Lullabies for Peace mural painting project at DCHNS.

Bon’s art style belies his young age.

Artist Jason Bon Gilles

Artist Jason Bon Gilles


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