DURING the mid 70s, long before the age of while-you-wait tarpaulin banner printing, the University of Mindanao had a couple of full time employees named Titing and Eloy who manually painted signs for the school. They had a shop located near the comfort room inside the Embassy building along Bonifacio Street. The shop was referred to as the “fine arts” department. For my high school classmate Mark Hermida and I, it was our favorite hangout.


THE COLLEGE of Architecture and Fine Arts Education is in a building dedicated to the late Dolores P. Torres


INSIDE the DPT Building

After four decades, I got surprised to learn that the University of Mindanao had actually offered fine arts as a college course tucked with the architecture department. I saw several paintings of UM students in a promotional video of SM City Davao that blew my mind. They were so good that they made me feel awed and envious at the same time.



UM has been serving the community for 70 years

The UM College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education (CAFAE) is housed in a new building inside a 28-hectare campus. The venue alone is mind-boggling. The school is near NCCC Mall. Considering the university’s good record for 70 years and its team of professionals who continue to improve the UM quality of education and facilities, anybody who is interested to earn a college degree in fine arts should consider to enroll at the University of Mindanao.

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UM Fine Arts students at work

We share pictures from the UM CAFAE people.

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