Freeze | Fancislou Plusan Young Artist from Zamboanga

FRANCISLOU “Plue Plue” Colantro Plusan was born on the 1st of December 1995 at the Davao City Medical Hospital. Plue Plue now resides in Tugbungan, Zamboanga City. Like most evolving artists featured on this page, this young man is no stranger to poverty and faces the challenges of daily life with art as a weapon of choice.

The eldest among the four children of Manolo and Francisca Plusan, Francislou started to draw well at the age of seven. Stoked by the kid’s potentials, Manolo wasted no time to train his son to improve as an artist.1g

With just three pesos as daily allowance in elementary school, Plue Plue would walk with his mother and siblings to school. Sometimes he got lucky to get a free ride on tricycles – courtesy of compassionate drivers. The lack of money compelled him to skip recess and while away the time at the back of the school building to daydream and enjoy the sight of plants and the soft caress of the wind.

“I saved my allowance to buy pencil and paper,” recalled Francislou.

He earned a sense of significance by joining art and slogan-making contests in school. In high school, his classmates would pay him to make portraits as gifts for their crushes. He would surprise his mother when he’d get home with foodstuff he bought from the money he received from making portraits.

Plue Plue eventually became a cartoonist and writer for their school organ. Also, he became their school representative to any contests involving art.

Family budget constraints almost prevented Francislou from going to college but a school librarian helped him to avail himself of a scholarship grant.

“I am now taking up B.S. Architecture at Western Mindanao State University,” Mr. Plusan said.

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