DJ Eric Generic is one of the last original Wild Boys of 92.3 WT FM who enjoyed the glory days of the radio station’s immense influence on local pop culture. Officially launched in 1988 and picked up steam in 1989 to dominate FM music listenership until the early years of the new millennium, Wild 92.3 WT FM produced DJ celebrities that made people dance in several special event venues inside and outside Davao City. Eric Generic, along with his best friend and mentor DJ Big Ben, made noise in the mobile disco scene.

DJs Eric Generic, Big Ben, and Rockin’ Seesaw inside the 95.5 Retro Davao studio

DJs Eric Generic, Big Ben, and Rockin’ Seesaw inside the 95.5 Retro Davao studio

 Growing up in his parents’ defunct Venee’s Hotel, prepubescent Eric Palo learned to mix vinyl dance records at the hotel’s Subway Disco and ballroom events at the function hall. Probably no other local disc jockey deserves to be called the “Ballroom DJ King” but Eric because of his knowledge and experience in this special dance music genre. His close friendship with DJ Big Ben allowed him to land a spot in the legendary Wild Boys family. Personal and business interests cut short his stint at Wild 92.3 WT FM.

 On December 18, 2015, DJ Eric Generic reappeared on the dance music scene when DJ Big Ben organized a Wild Boys reunion at the then Acropolis Super Club (now WAV Entertainment Central) at Ponciano (now Cayetano Bangoy Street). With Michael Herico, Eric Abella, Ben Tacal, Ryan Rodriguez, Edison Sablay, Ritchie Pulido, Jan Michael Domingo, Roy Priego, Bobet Dayanan, Gilbert Crisostomo, and the late Rey Gonzales, Eric Palo pumped up the jam that eventually led to the take-over of the club in June 2016.

 After almost fourteen months of operation, WAV Entertainment Central maintained the Wild Boys style of power dance mixes with the regular services of Michael Herico (CJ Michael), Benny Tacal (Big Ben), Bobet Dayanan (Rockin’ Seesaw), and Eric Palo (Eric Generic). On rotation, these DJs also play dance music every Saturday night from six to nine in the evening at 95.5 Retro Davao and Sundays from three to six in the afternoon at Wild 92.3 WT FM.

 Off the air and off the deck, Eric Palo is a sweet and gentle guy who loves to spend time with his family and selected friends. Eric may have been born with the proverbial silver spoon but he keeps his feet on the ground without an air of arrogance. He has no qualms raiding the WAV kitchen to dine with the staff and enjoy the so-called staff meal. It makes no difference for him to take a shot of cheap Tanduay or a jigger of the expensive Johnnie Walker Blue Label as long as the company is right.

 Happy Birthday, Eric Generic and Donnah Palo.

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