Freeze | Chatspeak for Noobs

THE ONLINE Urban Dictionary says Netspeak or Chatspeak is a process of shortening words or replacing letters with different letters or symbols to supposedly make the typing process shorter. It lacks proper punctuation, hard to understand, and considered by some people as a sign of idiocy when used heavily.

Jejemon is a Filipino style of Chatspeak. According to the Urban Dictionary, a Jejemon is a person who has managed to subvert the English language to a point of incomprehensibility.

XOXO – hugs and kisses

XOXO – hugs and kisses

A noob (noun, informal) is a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity – especially computing or the use of the Internet.

This follow up to the “Keeping up with Internet Slang” feature last week is meant for those who wish to be enlightened on the not-so-esoteric language of Generations Y (millennials) and Z (post-millennials).


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