FRIENDSHIP is a wonderful thing that should never be taken for granted. True friends even seem to last together longer than some romantic relationships. Perhaps the absence of a sense of ownership of another person in a platonic relationship makes the difference.

Authentic friendship manifests in many ways in good and bad times. For talent manager Joy Jumalon of Casa de Amigos, her ward of professional musicians stepped forward last Friday night to perform in an impromptu concert to raise funds for Joy’s eye surgery. She has been suffering from a rare eye condition that blurs her vision for many years. Taking medicine does not help much anymore to ease her from the inconvenience.


CASA de Amigos Manager Jun Gener (the man with the goatee) with his friendly service crew: Ryan, Von, Trix, and Izammae pause for a pose as they prepare the venue for the impromptu concert

Casa de Amigos Manager Jun Gener suggested to hold a benefit concert for Joy and Lotzkie, Jeorge, Mae, Rodel, Rojean, Malu, and Jonathan did not hesitate to share their talents at the drop of a hat. With just one Tuesday afternoon of practice, Joy’s dependable friends gathered to plan their production numbers.

Nothing short of phenomenal, the group delivered with pizzazz. After all, decades of professional experience in and out of the country are behind the Casa de Amigos musicians’ adeptness.

Even more heartwarming was the presence of customer friends who showed up for the friendship concert. Many of them took time off from their busy lives to lend support to Joy Jumalon.

The wackiness of the singers and their fantastic voices filled the air with glee on June 16, 2017, at Casa de Amigos – the house of friendship.

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