IT WAS very timely that I was invited to speak before AMWAY Davao Official on their monthly Freedom Friday last May 20 and talked about Summer Beach Body because we were on our way to Boracay for the Summer’s End 2016. It may sound very late to be talking to people about how to achieve summer beach body on the last week of May, however, it has become instead a baseline technique for them to start working for their desired Boracay beach body for next year’s summer.


THIS writer with his own jump shot at Boracay Island beach.

Summer Beach Body does not only mean a perfect picture of great shape and a delightful figure but instead there must be the presence of strength, flexibility, and endurance in one’s toned physicalities. In order to achieve not only form but more importantly “function” for your beach body, you must include in your whole year routine the following techniques, which you can start today in preparation for next year’s summer. It run thus: Keep a record of your exercise progression; Stretch to improve and develop muscular strength; Do a morning simple Yoga poses; Make your Friday’s a Big Fitness Day instead of getting wasted in a weekend party; Exercise your buttocks and legs to pike up your leg power; Use music that inspires you to exercise and sweat a lot; Try doing high intensity interval training or HIIT on your peak fitness day; Give your best execution in every Zumba Fitness class; Do exercises that targets major muscle groups such as the core muscles; Limit your rest period during exercise to improve cardiovascular endurance; and, Exercise with friends so that you will do it longer every day.


ZIN JANA playing on a seemingly high fashion pose on the sand.

Here are simple exercises you can do routinely every day or thrice a week to develop form and function for your desired beach body: Burpees or Squat Jump; Mountain Climbers; Toe Touch Kicks; Shadow Boxing; Planks; Squats and Lunges combo. A beach body varies among individual as each and every person have different body types, skeletal framework, lifestyle, eating habits, body mass index and rest program. Therefore, a summer beach body is best described as having the best form in performing things such as exercise or any day to day body mechanisms without undue fatigue or injury, rather than just perfect shape yet less in functionality. For when we are already on the beach specifically Boracay, sports activities and challenging adventures awaits everyone, including lots of walking.


THIS writer trying to project his own pose for his Boracay beach body experience.

P.S. Thank you ZIN™ Jana for the photos and the poses! (Wink*) ZIN™Jana is the Champion – Female Instructors Category of the recently concluded Davao City Sports Office “Summer Sportsfest 2016″ AERO MARATHON COMPETITION last May 16, 2016 held at the Abreeza Mall event area.

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