Landslide risk prompts city to step in vs 40 families

AROUND 40 families of mostly scavengers living along diversion road in Barangay Matina Pangi will be forced to evacuate

today due to the clear and present danger of landslide.

Speaking on yesterday’s I-speak forum held at the conference room of the City Engineers office, Rodrigo Bustillo, the Operation and warning officer of the by the City Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO), said they had intensify their risk assessment in preparation for a sudden earthquake or heavy rain.

He said based on their assessment with the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, the families are in danger because “there is already a big crack on the top.”

Bustillo said they are not expecting resistance but they are prepared to for that eventuality.

“So we are doing a force evacuation on the 40 families or 100 individuals, the informal settlers in the area, we will force them to evacuate,” he said, adding that they will be transferred to the evacuation center in Los Amigos, Tugbok district that can cater to 1,500 families.

He said a big portion of the crack can also be seen in Barangay Langub as well as Barangay Matina Crossing.

“So for now the DPWH has a conducted a road widening project. It is one also of the reasons that triggered on the crack,” he added.

However, there’s also a possibility they can return to the present location if the CDRRMO and other government agencies will determine it safe for habitation.

“So right now we have already proactive measures that we do while the development is ongoing ,” he added.

He said the city government will also provide the needs of those affected families while they are temporarily sheltered in the evacuation center.