Fly problem

City Council looks into infestations in 3rd district
AT LEAST 14 barangays in the third district are infested with flies, and the City Council is now looking into the problem.

Councilor Mary Joselle Villafuerte, a doctor who heads the council committee on health, is set to meet the owners and manager of various poultry and piggery farms operating in the districts of Calinan and Tugbok so mitigating measures will be imposed to prevent the fly infestation.

The meeting, set on Jan. 16 at the Fuchsia Room of the City Counciul Building, is expected to be attended by 35 registered farms operating in the areas.

The affected barangays are Calinan Proper, Cawayan, Subasta, Wangan, Dacudao, Talomo River, Riverside, Biao Joaquin, Pangyan in Calinan District, and Talandang, Biao Escuela, Matina Biao, Angalan, and Tagakpan in Tugbok District.

In her privilege speech during the session yesterday, Villafuerte said she went to Barangay Calinan Proper during the holidays and noted the fly infestation.

She said residents in the area are complaining on the problem.

“We hope we can return to the days when we can enjoy the cooler weather of Calinan without the presence of disease carrying pests,” the councilor said.

Villafuerte vowed to look into the matter and said that “we must never wait for an outbreak before taking action.”

She said that the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes flies as a vector for spreading diseases like typhoid fever, diarrhea, tuberculosis and other infections.

A fly can live up to two weeks after developing from a larva to an adult for 42 days. They feed on decaying matter, making piggeries and poultry houses a good breeding ground.