Five questions with AirAsia Zest CEO

LOW-COST carrier AirAsia Zest is set to paint cities red after announcing that flights to two key cities in Mindanao from Cebu will once again be operational.

AirAsia chief executive officer Joy Cañeba said that their return is anchored on the preparations that they have been doing during their hiatus. AirAsia Zest’s flights will provide much-needed connections between Cebu and Mindanao’s Davao and Cagayan de Oro.

“We would like to provide much-needed connections and tap into underserved markets, grow it, as there is definitely great tourism and business potentials between these awesome cities,” Cañeba said.

In this interview, Cañeba talks about her travel destinations and shares some travel advice.

What are your favorite travel destinations in the Philippines?

My two favorites are Cebu and Kalibo because I love Boracay and I love Bantayan Island. I also like going to Puerto Princesa and Bohol. AirAsia Zest regularly flies to these destinations.

My top choice will always be Boracay because whenever I’m there, I always feel in heaven; it’s paradise for me. It’s not boring, and not too chaotic either. It just has the right energy for me.

Why is it important to travel?

The best way for us to learn is to travel because it is a time when meet a lot of people. Traveling is a way for us to understand cultures and to experience them. For me traveling inspires me and opens my mind to see different perspectives.

I become more tolerant when I travel. Someone once said that before you marry anyone, you have to travel together because that will tell you if you can live with that person for the rest of your life.

What do you always look forward to when you’re in Davao?

There are lots of things to experience in Davao. I love the seafood here—it’s fresh and really good. Going to Pearl Farm Beach Resort is also a beautiful experience. I enjoy shopping here, too! I got a scarf for 50 pesos before—and I still have it with me! There are so many sights to see and so many things to do, here. The Kadayawan festival is crazy and fun!

What are your travel essentials?

Sunblock, lipstick, comfortable shoes like Toms or Sperry Top-Siders, cotton shirts, and my iPhone.

What should we put in mind when traveling?

Always open your mind and don’t prejudge the experience—instead welcome it. Allow yourself to be absorbed and be carried away. You cheat yourself when you prejudge travel experiences.

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