First year commemoration

Mayor Sara seeks Davaoeños help to prevent another Roxas blast

AN ENVIRONMENT of solace enveloped yesterday in the site where the blast took place a year ago as the city government led in the offering of white roses and lighting of candles amid the pale sky.

It was the same scene again sans the outbreak of cries where a mass was held to pray for the victims of the Roxas night market bombing, which killed 15 people, mostly massage therapists, and injured 69 others. Families of the fatalities and survivors gathered at ground zero, now called as the memorial circle Tree of Life, to commemorate the first anniversary of the Sept. 2 incident.

 Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio assured Davaoeños the city will prevent what had happened a year ago.

 But this could only happen, she said, if Davaoeños will also help in informing the local government should there be threats or suspected bombs wherever in the city. She emphasized and urged the public to remain vigilant.

 “We will appreciate your participation to provide information. It is one way to help the city government by providing information,” Duterte-Carpio said in front of more than a hundred who gathered in the site.

 The mayor also thanked different sectors that poured aid and helped secure the city.

 Since the bombing last year, authorities continue to have a tight watch in the night market along the stretch of Roxas Avenue. They ensure that each baggage was checked before the public can go inside the night market.

 Law enforcers have tagged the Maute Group to be behind the blast.

 At present, the decision from the court is still pending on the request to transfer the custody and venue of the trial of the five blast suspects.