Filipino heroes line up SP hall wall instead of Dutertes

THE CITY Council has removed the photographs of the two generations of Dutertes tacked on the wall of the session hall this week in favor of the Freemason heroes.

The change in photos was noticed by reporters covering the regular city council session held Tuesday morning.

Before the change, the wall of the session hall featured the photographs of the sitting President of the Philippines, as well as Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

Now, in their place are national hero Jose Rizal; Marcelo H. Del Pilar, one of the leaders of the reform movement; Andres Bonifacio, the father of the Filipino revolution; and Antonio Luna, the feared and respected general in the Filipino-American war.

Vice Mayor Duterte said that he chose Freemason heroes to be displayed.

“These are Freemason heroes, and Freemasonry remains alive even up to this day. We are celebrating the works of these Freemason Filipino heroes and the influence and inspiration that we draw from them as public officials,” Duterte said, himself a Mason.

“We stand — among others — on the values of hardwork, integrity, and respect and care for others.”

“Let me personally emphasize what I have learned from our heroes — that there is no victory in dishonesty. Reaching our desired goals will never be fulfilling and rewarding enough if we step on others and refuse to respect their rights, if we break the rules, and if we cut corners,” Vice Mayor Duterte said.

“As has been taught to us, ‘If you want your work to be square, don’t cut corners.’”

The taking down of the photos follows a memorandum from Malacanang in October that pushed for the change in the tradition of placing the sitting heads of government front and center of most government institutions.

To date, City Hall has yet to follow suit despite being the agency that pushed for the change in photos in a memorandum in October.

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