Mindanao Times http://mindanaotimes.net Sat, 24 Jun 2017 08:48:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.9.19 Tech4ED launched at Davao City Library & Information Center http://mindanaotimes.net/tech4ed-launched-at-davao-city-library-information-center/ http://mindanaotimes.net/tech4ed-launched-at-davao-city-library-information-center/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 08:48:21 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44432 ]]> THE TECH4ED Center was launched on June 7 at 2 p.m. at Davao City Library & Information Center.

The event started with the invocation followed by the Philippine National Anthem.

Welcome address was given by the Officer-in-Charge of Davao City Library & Information Center, Ms. Pedrita Badar.

The Tech4ED Focal Persons, Engr. Virgil Fuentes and Engr. Albert Gabriel shed light on the Teach4ED Project. They gave an Overview & Platform Demonstration so that the members of the audience would have an idea on the project launched.

After the Tech4ED Project overview and demonstration, the Department of Information & Communications Technology (DICT) Cluster Director – Mindanao Cluster, Director Alimbzar Asum gave a message followed by the message of Mayor Sara Duterte that was represented by City Councillor Pilar Braga.

Below is an overview the DICT officials talked over.

What is Technology for Economic Development (Tech4ED)?

Technology for Economic Development or Tech4ED is a project component of the Filipino program of the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Office of DOST Department of Science & Technology that aims to harness ICT to enable, empower and transform society toward creating an INCLUSIVE, integrated, and equitable countryside.

The Tech4ED Project aims to establish computer centers in the Rural areas to create more self-reliant communities through access to connectivity, communication, information, knowledge, vital government services: giving EQUAL Opportunities to National Participation and Development.

This project is created for all people from all walks of life especially the people from various sectors (i.e., Out-of-school youth (OSY) & Adults; Teachers; Students; People With Disabilities (PWDs); Women; Senior Citizens; OFWs, their Families/ Relatives; Entrepreneurs; Indigenous People (IP); and Farmers).

These are the different services one can avail at the Tech4ED Center: eEduSkills aims to deliver e-learning on demand to address the education divide. This includes Alternative Learning System (ALS)– provides an opportunity for the Out of School Youths and Adults to earn a High School Diploma; Learning English Application for Pinoys (LEAP)– improves English communication skills in preparation for the IT-BPM Industry; Skills Training– enables one to acquire skills and competencies to start a small business or get employed; and Values & Character Formation– enables out of school youth and students to uphold Filipino values.

eAssist aims to enable Women, PWDs, OFs including their families and relatives, Seniors, Indigenous People, Teachers & Career Shifters through access to special contents. This includes ICT for Digital Literacy– upgrades digital competencies for employment or entrepreneurial opportunities; ICT for Financial Literacy– enables one to learn how to save, spend, and invest your money; ICT for Career Development– develops competencies relevant to a particular industry for higher grade jobs; and ICT for Entrepreneurs– enables one to learn how to start his/ her own business and utilize ICT to expand market reach.

mMarketPlace aims to help people reach markets beyond their areas for exponential growth. This includes eTrade–enables real-time price watching and forecasting to ease business processes; Job Porta–enables job seekers to view descriptions of open positions, as well as employers to view profiles of potential applicants; Rural Impact Sourcing–promotes entrepreneurs through online jobs direct to employers locally or abroad;

eAssess provides industry assessment and certification for the purpose of convenience and cost-efficiency. The segment has industry testing, TESDA Certifications, Job Portals, Industry Assessment, and Industry Certification.

mAgri (or “mobile”-Agri) enhances farm technologies for product diversity, which includes products from aquaculture, livestock, and agriculture.

eGovServ provides direct government services in rural communities. The segment does not only provide payment portals but also services from other government agencies through ICT.

The newly trained Tech4ED Center Managers were given the certificates of training during said event. Before the ribbon cutting at the new Tech4ED Center, the Ceremonial MOA Signing and unveiling of Tech4ED Centers were carried out by Braga, Asum and other DICT officials.

The different Tech4ED Centers are as follows: City Library, City Mobile Library,                 Baguio Reading Center, Cabantian District Library, Calinan District Library, Catalunan District Library, Tibungco District Library, Toril District Library, and Tugbok District Library.

Some of the stakeholders of said project expressed their words of commitment as co-implementing partners. The DICT Chief, Technical Consultancy Support Division, Engr. Leo Ugto formally closed the event as he gave the closing remarks.

Before going home, the DICT Officials spearheaded by Director Asum and the Davao City Library OIC Badar with the Mobile Library Team have had a separate ribbon cutting at the Mobile Library and took chance of getting in the bus (Mobile Library) where laptops are readily available for the Tech4ED Program as part of the library modernization services. (Elmer L. Amarillo)

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SCENE CITY| Weaning the gadget addicts through exciting board games http://mindanaotimes.net/scene-city-weaning-the-gadget-addicts-through-exciting-board-games/ http://mindanaotimes.net/scene-city-weaning-the-gadget-addicts-through-exciting-board-games/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 08:46:29 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44430 ]]> INTERNET and Wi-fi are two magic words that have completely taken Millennials by storm. Students, businessmen, employees, housewives and even toddlers have been bitten by the Internet fever.

We have seen people having breakfast, lunch and dinner and even having snacks holding that gadget called cell phone. Even small children throw tantrums when the gadget is taken away from them.


CHIQUI Aportadera, Marlon Gayog and Marilyn Roque enjoy the Domino board game

What happens when the family decides to have a bonding on weekends so they can be together? Teenagers have grown “deaf” because their ears are plugged with earphones. We can hardly talk to them!

At the weekly forum of Spell Societe held at the Royal Mandaya Hotel on Tuesdays, we thought it would be a good idea to bring back the board games like Chinese checkers, Domino, chess, checkers, scrabble and other interesting games where members of the family can truly participate and have some clean fun.

To our surprise, we found that playing these board games really brought some excitement and real fun. Coach Manuel “Gogo” Alba gladly taught us how to play.

With no money involved, it felt good to play these forgotten childhood games because it was a chance for friendly competition. But these can also be played in organized group competition and family recreation, especially those who avoid being exposed to the sun and outdoor activities. Those who wish to play these board games, walk-in guests who wish to learn and join the fun are welcome! At least we can lure the kids away from the cell phone, the pad and other gadgets even for an hour or two to rest their tired eyes and avoid being anti-social!

Thank you, Tomas Avancena for the photos of SPELL Societe

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TABULA RASA| MINDANAO ART SUPPORT OUR TROOPS IN MARAWI http://mindanaotimes.net/tabula-rasa-mindanao-art-support-our-troops-in-marawi/ http://mindanaotimes.net/tabula-rasa-mindanao-art-support-our-troops-in-marawi/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 08:44:46 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44426 ]]> Take Back Marawi OUR GREATEST TREASURE FROM GOD IS OUR RACE, OUR CULTURE AND THE LAND WHERE WE WERE RAISED. BUT TODAY, THINGS HAVE CHANGED. THE PROMISE IS ON THE PROCESS OF FULFILLMENT FOR BIG THINGS TO COME.

      One of the culturally rich places in Mindanao is Marawi. It is situated in the west side of the island and the only Islamic city in the country inhabited mostly by the Maranaos. This Muslim tribe is proud of their art and culture, music and dance. They are traders, builders, artisans, and beautiful creators of art from textiles to wood, metals and others which based their style in the ‘okir’ art form. Dr. Abdulmari Imao is the first Filipino Moro sculptor to receive the prestigious National Artist Award in Sculpture in 2006. His creations are mostly based on the ‘Sarimanok’ and ‘okir’ art.

     Despite the riches of Mindanao’s natural resources, the Mindanaoans have yet to experience the full comfort and riches it can give to its residents. For many years, only a handful have enjoyed the riches of the island and most of its wealth would go to the national treasury and only a portion would be shared back. That’s one reason we believe why we were not able to develop the infrastructure needed to grow the island’s economy and uplift the lives of many struggling tribes and migrants in the rich island of Mindanao.

   Another reason is the peace and order. Since President Rody Duterte took the presidency, a Mindanaoan himself, we have seen many good developments happening in Mindanao. But recently, the eruption of war in Marawi City affected our peace. Yet we believe the government is doing a great job in handling the situation to hold back the invaders with a dangerous ideology and to protect and provide for the needs of the affected populace.

   Help also come from the civilian side living in safe zones, far from the battle lines, supplying provisions not only to the refugees but also for our troops fighting the war. This month, fund raising to support the troops will be joined by Mindanaoan artists.

     The artists of Davao and Mindanao will take part in helping guard and defend our island from invaders with ideals that are evil in nature affecting Muslims, Christians and Lumads alike. With our art, we believe we can communicate our support and even help raise awareness and funds to promote peace.

   We encourage you to support our troops, to give morale support and encouragement through our giving, writing inspiration letters and prayers and purchasing artworks of which part of the sale will go to the funds. Activities like these are planned to take place in our malls in Davao City and other places around the country.

     Like the painting featured in this article, we don the spirit of guardianship of our beloved Mindanao inspired by the warriors of old who protected our land from invaders. As each of us work together as one people, troopers and non-combatants, in due time we will reach our goals of peace and prosperity by God’s working grace and power.

     See you in our coming SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND TAKE BACK MARAWI events with Mindanaoan artists. By Daryl Descallar\


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EDITORIAL| They must listen http://mindanaotimes.net/editorial-they-must-listen/ http://mindanaotimes.net/editorial-they-must-listen/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 02:33:48 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44423 ]]> IN the middle of the week, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio joined the call for the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to immediately lift its suspension of public utility vans plying the northern routes.

But the mayor, being a legal mind as well, knows that she can only make a request as the authority to act on the suspension is the LTFRB itself, not any other agency except when there is a court order.

In making the call, the mayor said that those drivers who depend on their occupation need to resume earning again because, in her words, “there were only a few (abusive drivers),” which it is very true.

The LTFRB decided to suspend the service to the routes north of the city after a passenger van suffered an accident that resulted in the death of 11 people. The accident was a result of a collision between the van and a cargo truck.

Unlike in the past when a company of the vehicle was the only one suspended, this time the agency suspended not just one route, but all for as long as these were to the north of the city, using a military principle of punishing all for a sin of one. However, even in the military, this is only done when no one among the member of the section is brave enough to admit who committed the mistake.

The sad thing about this action was that those drivers who make sure they ferry their passengers, and themselves, safely to their respective destinations were punished even when all they did was to follow the rule.

It is time for the agency to reconsider its decision, as well as consider the appeal of the mayor, as many of those relying mainly on their jobs have started starving.  They can stop the starvation and come up with better mechanisms to at least limit these accidents. Otherwise, they will be responsible for the impact of the situation that they have placed these drivers in.

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NUNOT SA ALISNGAW SA KAPE| Halos nakalimtan na si Rizal http://mindanaotimes.net/nunot-sa-alisngaw-sa-kape-halos-nakalimtan-na-si-rizal/ http://mindanaotimes.net/nunot-sa-alisngaw-sa-kape-halos-nakalimtan-na-si-rizal/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 02:32:27 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44421 ]]> LUNES, 19 sa Hunyo, mao ang gika 56 ka kasumaran sa adlaw nga natawhan ni Dr. Jose Rizal, and nasudnong bayani. Medyo halos nakalimtan na sa kadaghanan ang usa ka mahinungdanon nga anib sa kasaysayan sa nasud Pilipinhon. Seguro di na kahibudngan kon ingon niana ang mahitabo. Daghan na kaayo ang mga butang nga naghasol sa mga alimpatakan sa mga Pinoy. Unya, daghan na pud mga tawo sa kabag-ohan nga panahon nga buot motuboy ug laing mipanaw na nga mga tawo nga kuno bag-ong mga bayani. Kini tungod sa ilang pagtu-o, dako kaayo ang gikatampo sa maong mga tawo pagbawi sa demokrasya nga matud pa giilog sa diktadoriyang rehimen ni anhing Presidente Marcos.

Pero bisan uban kanato dili uyon sa maong mga panghuna-huna ato na lang na pasagdan kay kabahin ma kana sa giingon nga kagawasan ug katungod sa matag usa ka tawo. Bisan si kinsa pwede man moangkon nga siya bayani. Lamang, ang magkonpirma sa pagkamatuod sa iyang gisulti mao ang ugma damlag; ang umaabot nga katilingban.

Sa pagkakaron, bisan unsa ang paningkamot sa pipila ka sektor nga makuhaan ug gibug-aton si Rizal isip nasudnong bayani, nagpabilin sa gihapon ang iyang luna sa katilingbang Pilipinhon. Seguro, ang usa ka butang nga dili gyud ikalalis mao nga si Rizal nahimong bayani bisan pa sa iyang adbokasiya sa usa ka malinawon nga pag-aklas batok sa mga langyaw nga nagdominar sa atong nasud ug dili pinaagi sa dugo-on nga pagbatok.

Sa pagkakaron medyo wala pay maaninaw nga tawo dinhi sa Pilipinas nga mamahimong mosunod sa mga lakang ni Rizal kinsa wala magtinguha nga mopatay aron pagbatok sa kolonyalismo. Inay niini siya nagpakita sa pagkaandam mamatay aron lang masilsil sa alimpatakan sa katawhan ang kamahinungdanon sa malinawon nga pakigbatok sa mga buot modominar sa katawhang Pilipinhon.


Niadtong Lunes usab akong gilauman nga adunay bag-ong mensahe sa e-mail ang akong pag-umangkon nga si JB nga atu-a sa Saudi Arabia. Si karahong JB mao ang tigsamoksamok sa ako didto sa akong balay sa bukid. Usahay mapungot ko kay adunay mga trabaho nga akong ginahimo matag adlaw nga Domingo. Unya kalit lang kini nga moabot ug dinhi admitado ko nga usahay di na nako mahuman ang akong gikatakdang trabaho kay magsigi na man lang ug kulit-kulit sa ako-a sa mga isyung politikanhon ug usahay, personal. Sa iyang paglakaw mora ko ug na-ibtan ug tunok. Pero mora pud ug nahaw-ang ang akong Sabado ug Domingo sa kaudtohon o di bas a kahaponon.

Matud pa, wala nay magsamok-samok pero ang nahitabo ako diay nangita pud ug mosamoksamok.

Kanidatong Huwebes sa pag-abli nako sa akong e-mail diha na’y mensahe si JB. Matud niya, “Kumusta diha sa atu-a ‘Kol? Balita namo diri sa Saudi wa pa gihapon mahuman ang giyera sa Marawi. Unya ‘Kol naa pud kuno mga ‘drones’ ang mga Maute. Grabe diay sila ug mga taktika sa ilang pakig-away batok sa atong mga sundalo. Ti-aw mo ba nga naisahan pa nila ang mga sundalo sa gobiyerno. Sila naggamit na ug mga ‘drones’ aron maggiya kanila sa hustong pwesto sa mga tropa, unya ang ato-ang mga sundalo nagsalig pa sa tabang sa mga Kano aron kuno matumbok sa husto ang mga nahimutangan sa mga Maute?”

Dali nako nga gitubag si JB sa mao niyang komentaryo sa iyang e-mail.

“Kalma lang Doy. Ayaw kaayo ug kabalaka diha. Seguro ko nga naa pud ‘drones’ ang mga sundalo. Kon wa kini nila giangkon sa pagkakaron seguro tungod kay kabahin kini sa ‘operational strategy’ sa mga tropa sa gobiyerno. Pero mismo ang kasundalohan admitado Jib nga dunay talagsaon nga kahanas ang mga terorista sa bag-ong matang sa pagpakiggiyera. Kini mao ang “urban warfare” diin gipahimuslan nila ang paggamit sa mga ‘snipers’ batok sa mga sundalo nga kulang ug kasuheto sa mga dapit gigiyerahan.

Naa pa gyud laing ‘unconventional tactic” ang mga Maute nga posibli didto nila nakat-oni sa Tunga-tungang Sidlakan sa pagbansaybansay sa mga lideres sa grupo. Kini mao ang pagpagukod sa mga sundalo paingon ngadto sa sulod sa kabalayan ug mga edipisyo samtang ang mga terorista kunohay misulod didto. Pero ang tinuod naghimo na diay sila ug mga ‘exits’ kon kalutsan. Sa samang higayon Jib gi-andaman na diay to sa mga bandido sa sulod ug mga gasoline. Pagsulod sa mga sundalo nga naggukod sa mga Maute dagkutan ang gasoline. Sa ingon way laing mahimo ug mga sundalo o’ kapolisan kon dili mogawas sa edipisyo. Diha na sila tirahon sa husto sa mga ‘snipers’ sa mga Maute. Unya Jib, mora ug nakat-on ni sila ug leksiyon sa mga Vietcong sa Vietnam. Ang mga ilawom sa kabalayan sa Marawi mora ug aduna nay mga lutsanan paingon sa mga tunnel nga naglapus-lapus paingon sa luwas nga kalutsan o katago-an ba hinuon. Mao na Jib nga bisan pa sa paningkamot sa kasundalohan nga mahuman na nila ang misyon sa pagpapha sa mga bandido di nila basta madali. Gawas pa, naa pa gyud daghan nga mga hostages lakip ang usa ka pari. Mao ni sila ilang gitawag nga ‘human shield.’ Unya tu-a pa gyud magkuta kuno ang mga Maute sa sulod sa mga mosque nga gipaningkamutan gyud sa kasundalohan nga dili nila mapuntariya sa mga pag-atake sa ilang opensiba.”

Human niadtong medyo taas nako’ng tubag akong gisultihan si JB nga magpakaon una ko sa akong mga iro kay sigi na ug paghot, timailhan nga gigutom na ang mga hayop. Mag-abli na lang ko usab sa ako e-mail aron magpakisayud sa ubang mga kasinati-an niya sa bag-o niyang trabaho sa usa ka ‘high-end’ nga ‘restaurant’ sa Riyadh.

Hangtud sa pagsulat nako niining lindog wa nako naablihan ang akong e-mail. Mao nga wa ko’y nakuha nga mga bag-ong tabi sa akong si-aw nga pag-umangkon didto sa gawas sa nasud.

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PLAIN AND SIMPLE| In the eye of a storm http://mindanaotimes.net/plain-and-simple-in-the-eye-of-a-storm/ http://mindanaotimes.net/plain-and-simple-in-the-eye-of-a-storm/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 02:30:33 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44419 ]]> CONFRONTED with a storm, how would a leader or anyone act?

Any leader makes his move according to what he thinks is right and appropriate. The important thing is he acts on the situation with the sense of urgency. That, for sure, is certain.

The President, being our leader, did act swiftly. Reading his moves, he cut short his Russia trip because he deemed it urgent his presence among his generals. A part of the country’s territory was under siege.

His bold move was to declare Martial Law in Mindanao. He had his reasons and it seemed majority of the people supported his move.

Then the Marawi war. The AFP and the President said it could be finished soon as quickly as he declared Martial Law. The AFP underestimated the enemy’s capability. The war still rages on in Marawi. It is already a month since the sound of guns has blasted the serenity of Marawi.

Was I in Marawi? I was for a day and a night. It is a beautiful place from where we were – in Mindanao State University. MSU is on a hilly place overlooking Lake Lanao.

I was there to accompany Butch Ramirez, a colleague in Ateneo, who was then the chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission during the time of President Gloria Macapagal.

Butch was invited by MSU as its commencement speaker. So I came to Marawi as part of Ramirez’ entourage. Actually, we were only 3 – Butch, me and the driver. But Butch did not allow his driver to drive, not even me. He drove the vehicle from Davao to Marawi.

So I marched with Butch in that traditional graduation march alongside the proud parents and the school officials. Inch by inch I saw the faces of the Maranaws smiling, happy that their children graduated from their courses. Education is very precious among the Maranaws.

Marawi is even described as the city of streamers. This is because streamers proliferate all over town when a Maranaw achieves something. There would always be congratulatory notes in bold letters in those streamers in conspicuous places.

The morning after, we jogged in the compound where the rest houses were. We slept in one of those villas. Huge and elegant villas. And Butch was talking about beautiful Marawi is.

We went home to Davao with those beautiful memories especially at night of that graduation day where we were treated and honored with their cultural show. Only for special guest. They call it Paganini Festival? Dunno if I got it right.

But now the Marawi that I knew of has changed. Sadly. From what I saw on tv, Marawi is in shambles. It would take billions to reconstruct it. For sure the Maranaws would be crying silently as they return to their houses.

But while it is shambles, Marawi will rise greatly purified and hopefully resilient to face the new day.

This my faith in the people of Marawi. They will stand up and walk to progress once again.

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100 suspects nabbed in massive police ops http://mindanaotimes.net/100-suspects-nabbed-in-massive-police-ops/ http://mindanaotimes.net/100-suspects-nabbed-in-massive-police-ops/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 01:05:41 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44417 ]]> OVER 100 crime suspects, including a son of a barangay captain, were arrested by yesterday during the simultaneous operations conducted in the different areas in the city.

Among the 101 arrested suspects were 15 women and three minors.

At least P3 million-worth of illegal drugs were confiscated in the operation starting past midnight until 3 p.m. yesterday.

Sr. Insp. Maria Theresita Gaspan, spokesperson of Davao City Police Office (DCPO), said there were around 31 buy-busts conducted, 11 search warrants and 41 warrant of arrest served in the major anti-criminality and terrorist operations targeting drug suspect, wanted persons, known criminals and suspected terrorists in 36 barangays of the city.

In a separate interview, Chief Insp. Hamlet Lerios, commander of Sta. Ana Police Precinct, said a son of Barangay Captain Rolando Cagay of Leon Garcia in Agdao was among those arrested.

DCPO director Alexander Tagum said they confiscated at least 200.5 grams of suspected shabu and 18. 6 grams of suspected marijuana.

Recovered during the operation were .9mm pistols, one .45 cal pistol, a hand grenade and six improvised explosive devices.

There were two pump boats were also confiscated by the maritime police for allegedly using it for drug transportation and illegal fishing.

The operations were led by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency XI and Davao City Police Office, along with Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, Task Force Davao, Regional Highway Patrol Group, Maritime Police, Coast Guard station Davao, Regional Drug Enforcement Unit, Regional Public Safety Battalion, Crime Laboratory, Regional Public Safety Battalion, and Central 911.

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81 motorcycles and vehicles impounded in 3 operations http://mindanaotimes.net/81-motorcycles-and-vehicles-impounded-in-3-operations/ http://mindanaotimes.net/81-motorcycles-and-vehicles-impounded-in-3-operations/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 01:04:14 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44415 ]]> EIGHTY-ONE vehicles and motorcycles were impounded at Davao City Police Office following the simultaneous operations in Buhangin, Sasa and Bunawan areas between 2 p.m. To 7:30 p.m. last Thursday.

City police office director, Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum, told TIMES the Oplan: Lambat Bitag Sasakyan was meant to clear the city of suspected carnapped/ undocumented vehicles.

In Buhangin area, 158 motorists were issued temporary operator’s permit as their driver’s licenses were confiscated. Meanwhile, authorities impounded 29 motorcycles, three vehicles and three tricycles.

In Sasa, there were 81 motorists issued with TOP, and 20 motorcycles, two cars and two closed-cabs impounded. In Bunawan, 56 were issued TOP, 27 motorcycles and one Isuzu Elf impounded.

The units were temporarily impounded inside the Davao City Police Office headquarters.

The operations were participated by Task Force Davao, Highway Patrol Group, Public Safety Security Command Center, City Transport and Traffic management office, Land Transportation Office, Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board and Davao City Police Office.

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Don’t forget efforts to shift to federalism: MinDA chair http://mindanaotimes.net/dont-forget-efforts-to-shift-to-federalism-minda-chair/ http://mindanaotimes.net/dont-forget-efforts-to-shift-to-federalism-minda-chair/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 01:02:37 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44411 ]]> THERE’S a need to refocus on the efforts to shift from unitary state to federalism to address the lingering issues in Mindanao.

MinDa Secretary Datu Hj. Abul Khayr D. Alonto, former head of a faction of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), said yesterday in a statement that they support without reservation the move to federalize the country through constitutional change.

The plan to change the form of government was among the priorities of President Rodrigo R. Duterte in his six-year term as he urged Congress to fast-track the passage of the proposal.

“Towards this end, aware of the two conflicting tracts in the separate peace process involving the MILF and the MNLF and their concomitant complexities apropos convergence, we are determined to immediately convoke, with the official blessings of the President, the All-Moro Convention to expedite inclusivity or the participation of all sectors of the Bangsamoro,” Alonto said.

This, he said, would also include convergence of the two separate tracts in the peace processes with the Moro fronts.

He said the All-Moro Convention will prepare the common Moro platform in the form of a proposed consolidated and comprehensive Moro law. This, he added, will be based on consensus, inclusivity and convergence aligned with the preparation for federalism.

“(T)he Convention will submit to the Constitutional Commission that will prepare the draft of the new Constitution of the Federal Republic of the Philippines whether for Congress sitting as a Constituent Assembly or for a Constitutional Convention,” Alonto said.

Meanwhile, Presidential Assistant for the Peace Process Jesus G. Dureza said in a statement that the public should not give in to fear in light of the terror threat, not just in Mindanao but throughout the whole country, as well. “If we give in to fear, this means that we have already lost the battle. We should not allow them to win,” he said.

The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPPAP) distributed relief packages for 5,797 evacuees, who vacated Marawi City in light of the ongoing armed conflict between  government troops and Maute group.

The OPPAP is also implementing a series of social healing activities to restore trust and respect among different ethno-religious groups in the affected areas. “The healing must start with us and it must begin now,” Dureza said.

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22 fisherfolk beneficiaries lost ‘donated’ boats – Piňol http://mindanaotimes.net/22-fisherfolk-beneficiaries-lost-donated-boats-pinol/ http://mindanaotimes.net/22-fisherfolk-beneficiaries-lost-donated-boats-pinol/#comments Sat, 24 Jun 2017 01:01:38 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=44408 ]]> AGRICULTURE Secretary Emmanuel Pinol revealed that there were 22 fisherfolks lost the boats donated to them by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) under the Bantay Laot program.

However, instead of being penalized, they received partial assistance from government.

Pinol revealed the information in a statement read during a turnover ceremonies of the cash incentives for around 587 beneficiaries at the BFAR regional office Friday. They were the only ones left from the 600 original beneficiaries.

The secretary could not make the event as he was reportedly working on a task by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Those who qualified for the cash incentives received P3,000, while those who only partially complied received only around P1,200 from the government.

There were 22 beneficiaries of the project whose boats “were nowhere to be found,” Pinol said.

Pinol appealed to the fisherfolk to continue supporting the national and local government’s drive to implement fisheries and environmental laws at the shorelines.

However, this required continued vigilance from the beneficiaries.

“That is why you have to take extra care of the support accorded to you,” Pinol said. “We do not know when we will have another cash support project like this again,” he said.

In an interview, BFAR regional director Fatma Idris said that the delinquent beneficiaries would only receive partial cash assistance.

Fisheries Order No. 163, issued last May 23, outlines the requirements for full cash assistance for the beneficiaries.

These include attending support activities, livelihood trainings, community rehabilitation service, and disaster preparedness and mitigation input.

A total of 578 registered fisherfolk from 23 barangays in Davao City under the Bantay-Laot Program received the cash incentives amounting from P1,000 to P2,000.

Fisherfolk from barangays 21-C, 23-C, 31-D, 76-A, Bago Aplaya, Bunawan, Centro, Daliao, Dumoy, Duterte, Hizon, Ilang, Lapu-lapu, Lasang, Leon Garcia, Lizada, Matina Aplaya, Pampanga, Panacan, Sasa, Sirawan, Talomo, and Tibungco will gather to receive their individual cash incentives as sea watchers, according to the agency.

Bantay Laot Program is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) to deter illegal fishing activities and to protect threatened marine and aquatic species in the municipal waters by capacitating subsistence fishers, particularly the indigenous peoples as sea guardians or sea watchers during closed season in nationally-declared fishery management areas.

Piñol had earlier promised the cash incentives of 300 fiberglass boats during an earlier turnover ceremony held August last year.

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