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ABOUT 400, mostly private sector representatives, are expected to join the official launching ceremony tomorrow of the Mindanao-Indonesia sea connectivity officially inaugurated by the two heads of states.Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) Secretary Abul Khayr D. Alonto said the launching would be graced by President Rodrigo Duterte and Indonesian President Joko Widodo,  their presence signifying seriousness to make the route sustainable.

“I am very optimistic that this will be a success,” said Alonto.

The sea connectivity, which would begin from Davao City then link to General Santos City up to Bitung City in Indonesia, would be serviced by Asian Marine Transport Corp. through its 500 twenty footer equivalent unit (TEU)-capacity Super Shuttle vessel.

The company will charge $700 per TEU.

BG 5

CITY chamber past president Maria Lourdes Monteverde, the proponent of the ASEAN RoRo project, is glad that finally, bilateral trade between Bitung, Indonesia and Davao City will be more dynamic with its launching. This milestone will be graced by President Rodrigo Duterte and Indonesian President Joko Widodo. With Monteverde are Sofronio Jucutan, executive vice president DCCCI and Eamarie Gilayo, international relations divisions of Mindanao Development Authority. BING GONZALES

Eamarie M. Gilayo, development management officer of international relations division of MinDA, said yesterday in a press conference at Apo View Hotel that security will be heightened from airport to Kudos Port near NCCC Panacan.

“Preparations are underway especially with the visit of Indonesian President Widodo,” Gilayo said.

The business sector will also engage and strengthen their ties with Indonesian businessmen who will be coming on Sunday.

Dr. Maria Lourdes Monteverde, past president of the city chamber, said it is best to have economic zones in Mindanao and in Indonesia to assure continuous movement of goods.

“The trading will be faster and cheaper with this (transportation accessibility) ” Monteverde said.


Monteverde said that the RoRo will encourage more businessmen to trade within the BIMP as this is only a step in the direction of international connectivity. She is optimistic that with the interconnectivity, the other neighboring countries will follow suit. She mentioned that Palawan has already its own shipping line that connects them with Malaysia,

Bitung City’s port has been upgraded as an international port in 2015, according to Monteverde. During her visit to the port city, she said the infrastructure and facilities were upgraded and ready to do more business in the coming years.

The challenge faced by ASEAN has always been how its impact can trickle down to local governments so that it will be felt by ordinary people. Monteverde said this has to be addressed by encouraging the local government to take part in events that will involve partnership with neighboring countries.

She said a memorandum of understanding within the BIMP on certain protocols which may not be in the existing agreements maybe required such as the presence of non-conventional vessels that have historically traversed international seas.

But it may not be as easy as it looks. According to Gilayo, there are products that are not allowed entry in Bitung such as pharmaceuticals, toys, shoes and fruits. However, our ports have no restrictions on products that will enter our shores.

Rise of secondary cities

In a conference in Solo, Indonesia, business leader Dino Vega said that there are many Filipino businessmen already putting up their canning factories in Bitung which could only mean a more dynamic business environment.

Vega said that refinements on policies need to be in place within the BIMP so as not to cause friction within the ASEAN.

Secondary cities, according to Karim Raslan, CEO of KRA Group, a public affairs consulting firm with a Southeast Asian focus, said that it is always the poor or people who are living in the margins who cannot reap the benefits of this interconnectivity. To breach this inequity, secondary cities should be given attention by the national government.

Raslan said that it is provident that both presidents, Duterte and Widodo, come from secondary cities and bring with them the experience of working in that realm as mayors. Unlike their predecessors, they are more passionate about bringing development outside of the capital having actually experienced the difficulties inherent in a secondary city.

He believes that Duterte, banking on his strong political capital, can push the Philippine economy to greater heights.

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2nd Mindanao Meet Interclub golf at Apo http://mindanaotimes.net/2nd-mindanao-meet-interclub-golf-at-apo/ http://mindanaotimes.net/2nd-mindanao-meet-interclub-golf-at-apo/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:42:26 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42182 ]]> THE 2nd Mindanao Meet Interclub golf tournament gets going on May 11-14 at the scenic Apo Golf and Country Club.

Three divisions are set for the four-day competition having the Regular, Senior and Junior categories. All participating entries must be a bonafide member of a club however, for the Seniors’ Class the participant must be 50 years-old and above at the start of the competition. For the Juniors, he or she must be 18 years-old up.

The tournament will also have the Team Category having a maximum of six players in the team for the Regular and Senior. For the Juniors Class, the team must compose of five players. For the Regular and Senior divisions, each will be divided into three groups based on the total combined handicaps of the participating six players. A club is allowed to field a maximum of two teams per group in both divisions with six to play and five to count.

The tournament will follow the Stableford scoring system for the Regular and Juniors while the Molave point system will be used for the Seniors.

Each participant may play for only one team. All players are allowed to play a maximum of 18 holes per day and a total of 36 for the competition.

Registration fee is pegged at P15,000 per team for both Regular and Senior divisions.

 The Juniors Division fee is at P5,000 per team with no limit of how many teams a club may field.

Interested may now inquire at the Apo Golf and Country Club and look for Grace Solis.

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EDITORIAL| Building peace tables http://mindanaotimes.net/editorial-building-peace-tables/ http://mindanaotimes.net/editorial-building-peace-tables/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:40:24 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42180 ]]> TALKING about peace is no longer in the realm of government officials and leaders. It has, as it should be, an issue discussed, dissected and debated  by every sector in society.

Irene Santiago, GPH chair of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, said that peace should take on an inclusive frame and that involves the governed who may not have been consulted on matters that are close to their hearts and who are most affected by conflict.

The peace table or sitting at a peace table  is a metaphor for people’s participation in decision making and in charting their own destiny. Santiago said when we think of the negotiating table what comes to mind is that this is where the decisions are made in ending war and building peace. This perspective should be expanded and more tables should be built so that there will be more ideas flowing, allowing for more creativity in problem solving to flourish.

She said exclusion creates resentment and feelings of powerlessness while inclusion leads to trust, a value that is  sorely depleted in times of war and destructive conflict.

Santiago and her team is going around building peace tables which will be the venue for public participation in peacemaking and peacebuilding.  It will be a platform for dialogue, creating consensus on issues, appreciating diversity of identities as well as views, healing and reconciliation, and planning and undertaking collaborative action.

She said that through the People’s Peace Tables,  people will become “citizen peacemakers”.  Ordinary and extraordinary people will “own” the social change process toward peace.  In the end, the objective is social change.

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NUNOT SA ALISNGAW SA KAPE| Planong bakasyon ni JB http://mindanaotimes.net/nunot-sa-alisngaw-sa-kape-planong-bakasyon-ni-jb/ http://mindanaotimes.net/nunot-sa-alisngaw-sa-kape-planong-bakasyon-ni-jb/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:39:32 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42178 ]]> LABIHANG inita kaniadtong milabay nga Sabado. Subay sa balita nga nasibya sa telebisyon ang init “factor” sa Dakbayan sa Dabaw niadtong adlawa diha sa 44 degrees celcius. Nagpamaak.

Mao nga sa mga bandang alas 4 hapon niadtong Sabado gitaod nako ang “hose” sa “outdoor’ nga gripo ug namisbis sa mga tanum sa nataran.

Pero igo lang ko nakapasirit ug tulo ka puno-an sa mga misitas mihunong ang usa ka tricycle ug nanaog ang akong pag-umangkon nga si JB. Unya misunod pagkanaog niya ang iyang asawa nga nagkugos sa ilang duha ka semana nga anak.

“Naunsa man mo Doy nga inyo man na nga gidala inyong anak nga bag-ong natawo unya hapon pa gyud?”

Tubag sa akong karaho nga pag-umangkon, “Sigi man gud ug hilak ‘Kol. Ingon to among silingan nga basin ug gibutdan ug tiyan. Pabuhotan kuno ug aso diha sa ilang Manang Tikay nga ilado nga tigbuhot sa mga batang gibutdan.”

Dali nakong sumpay, “Unya humana na ug pabuhot?”

“Wala ‘Kol, kay tu-a daw sa Calinan si Manang Tikay.”

“Ngano nga wa na man na maghilak? Basin naunsa na na?”

Misagbat ang asawa ni JB, “Ambot bitaw ‘Kol. Pero ganiha sa paglakaw namo gikan sa balay ni Manang Tikay, ako gitan-aw ang iyang lampin nga gibugkos sa iyang tiyan. Mora ug nahugot ug bugkos. Mao nga ako gilu-agan gamay. Human ato ‘Kol ako gipadede sa ako-a ug hangtud karon mihilum na man.”

Dali nga misumpay akong Misis, “Kinsa diay nagtaud sa lampin sa bata ganiha?”

Tubag sa asawa sa akong pag-umangkon, “Si JB man ‘Tie.”

Jesus, Maria, si JB diay. Unsa man ang kabangkaagan anang bataa nga wa man seguro na magtuon sa pagtaud ug lampin. Unsa man Jib gitudlo-an mo ana sa inyong klase sa HRM?”

“Wala gyud Auntie. Ang kanunay namo gi praktis mao ang pagpilo sa mga table napkin ug pagbutang ani sa lamisa kauban sa mga kubiyertos.”

Mibahakhak ko ug kusog ug makantalitahon nga nagkomedya kang JB, “Doy, ngano nga wa ka magpa ‘tutorial’ sa imong Mama. Di ta mo magkabu-ang ug pangita ug tigbuhot ug aso sa tiyan sa inyng bata.”

Gipasulod ni Misis nako ang asawa ni JB sa balay ug ang karahong pag-umangkon misunod ug pagbalik ug gawas nagdala na ug usa ka tasa nga kape nga nangalisngaw pa sa kainit.

“Naunsa man ka Jib nga nagkape man ka nga init man kaayo ang panahon. Naa man unta didto ‘juice’ sa sulod?”

Unsaon man ‘Kol nga mao man ni pangitaon sa ako tiyan kon moanhi ko sa inyoha.” Tubag nako, “Ah, mao ba. Na hala sigi; wan a ko’y mahimo diha.” Ug samtang namisbis ko sa mga tanom si Jb nagsunodsunod sa ako-a bitbit ang iyang kape.

“Naunsa na man didto sa inyo sa Kabisay-an ‘Kol; tua na man didto ang gubot karon. Giatol pa gyud nga panahon sa ‘summer’ ug daghan kaayong gipaabot nga mga turista. Didto pa gyud gihimo sa Bohol ang usa ka panagtigum sa mga kadagko-an sa pamatigayon sa mga nasud sakop sa ASEAN? Nabalhin na hinuon atensiyon sa mga tawo sa Pilipinas ug sa ubang kanasuran gikan sa Mindanao ngadto sa inyoha.”

Tubag nako, “Lagi Jib, wa gyud na damha seguro sa katawhan didto lakip na sa mga kapolisan ug kasundalohan nga moabot sa Bohol ang mga bandido nga Abu Sayaff. Ug wa pud damha sa taga Inabanga nga duna diay sila taga ilaha nga sakop na sa mga teroristang grupo nga mao kuno ang naggiya sa mga armado.”

“Seguro ‘Kol, pasalamat ta sa mga Kano nga naghatag ug pasidaan sa maong plano sa mga Abu Sayaff. Ingon man gud sa balita ‘Kol ang pasidaan gipaagi sa usa ka ‘travel advisory’ sa mga Amerikanhon nga dili moadto didto sa Sentrong Kabisay-an kay dunay hulga sa mga terorista.”

Pabalang nakong sumpay kang JB, “Diha ta di magkauyon Doy. Ngano nga pasalamatan man ang mga Kano nga kon ato gyud tuki-on pag-ayo mora ug dili man tukma ang ilang gihimo. Kon ako ang pangutan-on Doy, wa na lang unta to gipalanog ang ilang ‘travel advisory’. Siyempre, kon tinuod sila nga higala ug kaalyado sa Pinas, ang ila unta buhaton mao ang paghatag ug inpormasyon sa kadagko-an sa kasundalohan ug kapolisan mahitungod sa lihok ug nahimutangan sa mga Abu Sayaff aron masanta sila sa ilang pagbiyahe didto sa Bohol. Ang nahitabo Jib, mora ug ila lang gipasagdan ang mga otoridad sa Pilipinas nga naay moabot nga maghimo ug kagubot; bahala na mo mangita nila ug mosanta sa ilang himuon sa ilang pag-abot kon asa sa Kabisay-an. Mao nga ang nahitabo Jib, paggawas sa ‘travel advisory’ sa Amerika, misunod pud ang ubang mga nasud nga ilang kaalyado kuno. Resulta, daghan nga naunsiyami nga mga ‘booking’ sa mga turista didto. Mikamang ang atong industriya sa turismo didtong dapita.”

“Buot nimo pasabot ‘Kol, angayan unta nga tabangan sa mga Kano ang atong mga otoridad sa pagtumbok sa nahimutangan sa mga teroristang grupo mintras naa pa sila sa Mindanao ug kon asa sila makita sa kasundalohan ug kapolisan didto sila enkwentruhon?”

“Ingon gyud ana Jib. Kon tinuod nga nahibaw-an sa mga Kano ang laraw sa mga Abu Sayaff nga moatake sa Kabisay-an buot  ipasabot nga naa sila’y ‘intelligence report’ mahitungod niini. Ug posibli kana kay naa baya silay mga teknolohiya ug kahimanan sa pagpaniid. Sa ako gani pagtu-o Jib kita sa mga Kano sa ilang ‘computer monitors’ hain nagpahiluna ang mga bandido mentras naa pa sila sa Mindanao ug hangtud sa ilang pagbiyahe. Pero mora ug ila kining gitago sa atong mga otoridad. Ang ila hinuon nga gihimo mao ang pagpagawas ug ‘travel advisory’ sa ilang mga tawo. Resulta, dako kaayo ang kaguliyang sa katawhan sa Kabisay-an.”

“Wais gyud diay ang mga Kano ‘Kol no. Simpli kaayo ilang terada aron makabawos kang Duterte. Di gyud kadudahan.”

“Unya Jib. Asa man ka manarbaho kon makaadto ka usab sa gawas sa Pinas?”

“Sa Amerika ra gihapon ‘Kol. Tu-a man didto magpuyo ang akong ‘sponsor’ kon maka-apply. Ang igsuon ni Misis nga naminyo ug Kano. Siya daw ang mogasto sa mga rekisitos sa biyahe.”

“Aw diay. Unsyalan man ka Jib. Didto ra man diay ka gihapon moadto sa nasud nga ‘wais’.”

Taud-taud migawas ang asawa ni JB nagkugos gihapon sa ilang anak nga hilum na kaayo. “Mopauli na mi ‘Kol, kay medyo ngitngit na. Naa ra ba mi dala nga bata; basin mobalik na pud mi sa tigbuhot ug aso sa gibutdan ug tiyan.”

“Sigi Doy; unya kanus-a mo Bakasyon sa Bohol; didto sa mga paryente sa imong asawa? Taga asa gani ilang kaliwat?”

“He, he, he, sa Inabanga ‘Kol.’ Dayon misakay ang akong pag-umangkon sa tricyle nilang dala ug mipauli.

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UP hosts 1st asia-wide journalism student conference http://mindanaotimes.net/up-hosts-1st-asia-wide-journalism-student-conference/ http://mindanaotimes.net/up-hosts-1st-asia-wide-journalism-student-conference/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:38:08 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42176 ]]> SOME 300 students and faculty from various universities in thePhilippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong attended the first Asian Journalism Research Conference last April 24-25, 2017 at the

University of the Philippines (UP), the only academic conference for undergraduate students in the region.

The conference was organized by the UP Journalism Department in partnership with the University of

Sto. Tomas and the Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

With the theme, “The Fourth Estate: Revisiting the Normative Ideals of Journalism in a Multimedia Era”, the conference tackled timely issues faced by today’s journalists, such as attacks from trolls, fake news and a lack of freedom of information.

Keynote speaker and veteran journalist cum academic Dr. Cherian George from the Hong Kong Baptist University spoke about the challenges of journalism in the so-called post-truth era. He emphasized the need to check facts now more than ever. “Facts are still facts and should be the basis of reality,” he said, adding that so-called alternative truths are simply lies. He noted that in many regimes, politicians hide behind these alternative facts persuading the public to believe in their “perception of reality” rather than the hard truths. While, Dr. Azman Azwan Azmawati of the Universiti Sains Malaysia, gave a talk on stereotyping in the news.

During the second day of the AJRC, the UP Journalism Department held its annual Chit Estella Journalism Student Research Award, named after the late Professor Lourdes Estella-Simbulan, who taught at the Department and was a trustee of Vera Files, an online news organization that practices investigative and long form journalism.

University of the Philippines students Bryan Gonzales and Celine Samson bagged the Best in Investigative Journalism Award for their work entitled, “An investigative study on the implementation of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BADACs) and its impact on local illegal drug activities.” UP students Nicole Lagrimas, Karen Macalalad and Arianne Tapao also bagged the Best in Special Projects for their documentary titled, “Ignored. Informed. Information: Dismantling health, societal hazards for Tondo’s scrap metal works”. Meanwhile, Ateneo de Manila University students Patricia Sarmiento and Stephanie Sayson won the Best in Academic Research for their paper, “A Case Study on the Visual Representations of Para-Athletes in Elite Sports Events by Print News Media and the Perception of these Portrayals of Persons with Disabilities.”

The conference was sponsored and supported by the University of the Philippines Office of International Linkages, the UP Diliman Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development, the UP Diliman Office of Culture and the Arts, the University of Sto. Tomas, VERA Files, Jollibee Food Corporation, Philippine Press Institute, Prof. Roland Simbulan and family and the UP Journalism Club.

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SDM’s Earth Day celebration http://mindanaotimes.net/sdms-earth-day-celebration/ http://mindanaotimes.net/sdms-earth-day-celebration/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:37:18 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42174 ]]> DAVAO CITY – The Sustainable Davao Movement, a network of NGOs and POs committed to promote Davao City as a green city, planted mangroves and cleaned up the coast of Sitio Malamboon in Brgy. 76A to mark the group’s first anniversary and celebrate Earth Day.

Formerly called Green Davao coalition, the group was formed to advocate the protection of Shrine Hills. It has now evolved into a network that discusses and lobbies environmental issues to appropriate government agencies.

In 2016, SDM ensured the retention and implementation of the additional 10% provision of green space for every land developed when City Council members tried to amend this provision in the CLUP. In the same year, SDM also submitted Sustainable Development Agenda to Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpion. Some provisions of this have already been adopted as part of the LGU program.

The members of the SDM network are Interface Development Interventions Inc., the Ateneo de Davao University, METSA Foundation, Foundation for the Philippine Environment, Philippine Eagle Foundation, Masipag Mindanao, Matigsalog Tribe, Blissful Village, Agro-Eco Philippines, Ecoteneo, UCEAC, Youth for Climate Change, Cycle for Life, MISSION Davao, OROL-Gitib, and Save Shrine Hills Movement.

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Tadeco assails SocGen http://mindanaotimes.net/tadeco-assails-socgen/ http://mindanaotimes.net/tadeco-assails-socgen/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:34:54 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42172 ]]> EMBATTLED Tagum Agricultural Development Co. (Tadeco) has branded as premature and uninformed the statement of Solicitor General Jose Calida that its joint venture agreement with the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) is illegal.

In a statement released Friday, Tadeco admitted that there is an on-going review of the agreement and there is a pending resolution before the House of Representatives to investigate the agreement. “However, the review of the Department of Justice is still on-going and the House probe has not yet begun.  Furthermore, there is no case filed before the courts on the cancellation of the said JVA.  Only the courts of law can declare that a contract is void,” the company said.

It added that the statement of Calida “is a clear case of prejudging” its agreement with the government agency.

“Where is the fairness?  Perhaps the intent is to condition the minds of the public and pre-empt the review of Department of Justice as well as the House probe,” it added.

The company said its agreement with the government agency “has withstood the test of time and multiple reviews by secretaries of Justice and several congressional investigations over so many years” but all of them have concluded that the agreement is beneficial to the government agency and to the country.

“These are the same items raised by Speaker (Pantaleon) Alvarez and, thus, there is nothing new in this recent statement of the Solicitor General.

It said the company is prepared to face “all these issues in the proper time and proper forum. “

Calida has sided with Alvarez over the claim of the latter that the agreement between the company and the government violated laws.

In a statement released Tuesday, Calida said the agreement “is void as it goes against the Constitution and the Public Land Act,” pointing out that under the law companies can only lease public lands for 50 years and that based on record, the initial agreement, which covers about 5,300 hectares of the Davao Prison and Penal Farm, was made in 1969 and has been extended twice.

Because of this, it added, the agreement must not go beyond 2019.

The company, in several press statements, maintained that its agreement with the government has been aboveboard and that it has even adjusted several times the benefits provided to the government.

It also maintained that its agreement with the government is not a lease arrangement but a joint venture “primarily aimed at the rehabilitation of the inmates in Davao Penal Colony.”

The controversy started reportedly due to differences between the partners of Davao del Norte Rep. Antonio Floirendo, whose family owns the company, and that of Alvarez’s. The company, through Floirendo’s younger brother Vicente, earlier issued a statement distancing it from the partner of his older brother.

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Duterte to meet labor groups http://mindanaotimes.net/duterte-to-meet-labor-groups/ http://mindanaotimes.net/duterte-to-meet-labor-groups/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:32:09 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42170 ]]> IN LINE with Labor Day celebration, President Rodrigo Duterte will have a dialogue on Monday with the different labor groups and grace the assembly with about 10,000 workers at People’s Park.

According to the statement of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), “the President, together with labor officials, will meet with trade union leaders from the national and local federations to discuss and address labor and employment issues and concerns.”

Mr. Duterte will also lead the Labor Day Assembly, also at People’s Park, which would serve as avenue for different labor and civil society organizations. There would be also a raffle including a house and lot from Pag-Ibig, 15 tricycle units from Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Employees’ Compensation Commission.

Alan Tanjusay, spokesperson of Associated Labor Unions (ALU), said in a text message that their five top officials would be joining in the closed door dialogue while at least 2,000 members of their group would attend the assembly.

“Our main agenda is: we urge the President to finally ban contractualization and address poverty of workers due to poor wages and short term contractual employment,” Tanjusay said.

The DOLE has now a directive to the companies to make the contractual employees become regular workers.

As of January, Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III said the companies throughout the country have already regularized about 41,000 workers. This resulted from the agency’s policy requiring firms to end the practice of end-of-contract (endo) where a firm terminates the contract a month before an employee could be regularized.

With the agency’s policy, Bello said companies are now adhering to end the practice. “That’s the progress of our campaign for regularization,” he said.

Apart from the dialogues and Labor Day Assembly, there will be also jobs fair on May 1-2 at Gaisano Mall of Davao. As of April 22, DOLE XI reported that there are 4,567 job openings that would be offered by 59 local companies and 28 employers for overseas deployment.

The two-day event is dubbed “Trabaho, Negosyo, Kabuhayan Job and Business Fairs,” where the Department of Trade and Industry will also provide talks on starting a business.

“The 2017 Araw ng Paggawa is observed with the them ‘Matatag na Kabuhayan at Trabaho tungo sa Progresibong Pagbabago,” DOLE said. (By Kristianne M. Fusilero)

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Complaint filed vs barangay official for failing to do duty http://mindanaotimes.net/complaint-filed-vs-barangay-official-for-failing-to-do-duty/ http://mindanaotimes.net/complaint-filed-vs-barangay-official-for-failing-to-do-duty/#comments Sat, 29 Apr 2017 03:30:56 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42168 ]]> A BARANGAY captain has filed a complaint before the City Council against a village councilman for allegedly failing to perform his duties.

Mark Galvez, barangay chair of Communal in Buhangin District, accused Leodegario Cayunda, chair of the council’s committee on appropriation, for failing to assume his responsibilities as an elected official of the community.

The letter of Galvez, through Department of the Interior and Local Government City (DILG) director Merilo Limbaro to DILG 11 director Anaias Vilaacorta, was filed in December 2015 but was not yet resolved.

Galvez claimed that Cayunda wasn’t attending regular and special sessions. He added that there are pending documents that have been set aside because of Cayunda’s signature.

“He refused to sign to voucher for honorarium for Sangguniang Barangay members who attended the sessions in which adjourned with no quorum and Honorarium for Barangay Functionaries for the month of November,” the letter read.

Galvez also cited the Commission on Audit directive that all vouchers should be signed by the committee on appropriation for compliance. He added that he is hoping for clear information and legal actions for the said complaint.

The complaint was passed on first reading.

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SCENE CITY| LEGO embarks on a Davaosome Adventure http://mindanaotimes.net/scene-city-lego-embarks-on-a-davaosome-adventure/ http://mindanaotimes.net/scene-city-lego-embarks-on-a-davaosome-adventure/#comments Fri, 28 Apr 2017 03:40:17 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=42162 ]]> FUN, intuitive and simple – these are the hallmarks of toy design that made the LEGO bricks and mini figures the most beloved toys worldwide. A brainchild of carpenter Ole Kirk Ktistiansen who introduced it in Denmark stores in 1932, the brand soon went global and it did not take long when it became a hit in the Philippines, earning a steadily growing following from children and those young at heart who use each LEGO piece to build toys and realities straight form their imagination.


RIBBON Cutting at the opening of the LEGO Store at Abreeza Ayala Mall with Lotta Sylwander, Sharlene Ortiga, Mascot and Luigi Escano

The 7th LEGO Certified Store opened at Abreeza Mall on April 22, 2017 encapsulating the dream of its founder to “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”.

LEGO, together with UNICEF Philippines, UN’s agency that supports children’s welfare, will work together to help build the furst National Center for Children with Disabilities ini the Philippine General Hospital. To support the UNICEF’s program, a portion of the sales at LEGO Certified Stores in the country will be donated for the Centre’s construction. Lego issued a cheque worth Php 500,000 as part of the fundraising drive to raise a total of Php 10 Million for the construction of the Centre.

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