Family Matters | When I am gone

The family is designed to be one’s refuge in times of difficulties and trials. It also serves as the source of strength and joy of life. When trials come, we see who among them are the strongest.

When this writer, of course that’s me, had my second heart attack last year of this same month, many thoughts came across my mind as I imagined what could happen because of my near fatal condition. My heart to heart talk with God was very sincere and I was almost pleading for him to help us put everything in order in case it was time for me to go. With a family of three, my husband, son, and myself, at least I thought things would be easier to manage if a drastic change happens. It will not be so when I leave behind five or eight kids in a row. By my mental calculation, I was happy to think that I don’t leave behind a helpless young child. My son now is working and can fend for himself. My husband had always been the breadwinner, so he wouldn’t be totally helpless.

Our dog Sasha, an American Bully who is like my forever baby, would look for me in a short while. But she will forget me because she receives love from people around. Their biggest adjustment would only be the planning of their daily food, laundry and cleaning up. Maybe, a good house help would be necessary, which we already have at present. They would only need somebody, a writer to edit their works, someone who will prepare the monthly tax payment for my husband (my son taking over) and a good sounding board for them to be with when they are excited or confused. Someone who will pray for them by the door as they go out, that God would give them success and many divine appointments as they venture for the day. Surely, they will miss me for a while but there will be healing in time.

For some quick thought, I made some head counts of the people who have gone ahead of me and are now in heaven. These include my parents, my grandfather, and very good friends. I could only count around 10, and at least six friends that I am very comfortable with.

“Lord,” I said, “They are not too many yet to count to meet me. But surely, it will be grand to see you. What if I stay a while longer, not because I need more friends to be with in heaven but I just want to grow old with my family on earth for a little more time. Everybody dies at his or her appointed time, including me and others, help us not to fear death. It will surely come, and prepare us to accept death and life as part of your plan. ”
As I continued my reverie, the door in my hospital room opened and my husband came in, with an intent and loving look only for me, and he uttered the best words ever, “Hello, sexy!”
Now, tell me if life on earth is as beautiful as in heaven. Yes, both are good and happy to behold!

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