Family Matters | ‘What a man thinks of himself, so is he’

MAN FINDS his awareness of himself the foremost at home where he grows up. Parents have a big role to play in his development, and capability to understand his behaviors and values. Sometimes, experiences maybe the same, but the one who experiences it may have different reception, perception and reflection. It is like an experience when a parent spanks a young child. The intention (hopefully) of the parent is to discipline a child. However, some children may think it as unfair and an unjust punishment and yet others remorsefully think it as a consequence of having done a wrong thing and rightfully deserves the whacking.

The self-image of a child begins upon growing up. If no intervention is done about a negative self-image, the result can be detrimental to the person and consequences may be difficult to repair. Low self-esteem can rob the person of his or her rightful value and continues to compare his or herself unnecessarily to others. Too much of it may also create social conflicts for misrepresentation of himself and misses the opportunity to demonstrate an outstanding character and general outlook. A clear sighted outlook of self is when a person knows his or her true value, yet she or he can afford to be firm in character yet loving when it comes to putting others as important as himself. Such beautiful character emanates from the heart without an ulterior motive to impress others.

But there are moments when a positive character is tested. It may come in the form of being misunderstood, faith being tested or an enemy who questions one’s integrity. It is but natural to check the source of misery. This can be likened to tracing the source of a leak like that from a pipe. If everything is checked, like the faucet is ok, the pipes are intact and there are no holes down the road, then believing that the source, which is God says that nothing has changed, you still mirror His reflection and He points out that you are just depending on your feelings. Shout to the devil’s face and say that you don’t operate by feelings. The feelings come and go but you stand on His promises despite what you feel. After, this reassurance, reaffirm what He says that:

” … God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and a sound mind.”

II Timothy 1:7

Assurances like this one are a nugget of truth to those who believe. This is not all about perfection and being different from others. It is actually about inviting others to be like minded. Yet, if one day, you still find yourself alone standing firmly believing that you are what you ought to be, then believe on His promises without doubt because He has designed you to be as you are what you think of yourself according to your faith, so shall you be.

After this assurance, then,

“On the darkest days when I feel so inadequate , unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter (son) I am and I straighten my crown.”

- author of quotation unknown

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