Family Matters: We too can trust the good old ways

Every family has a freedom to find options and choices to maintain good health. Many times, because of our orientation about good health, we resort only to the labeled pills or medicines over the counter.

Being a heart attack survivor myself, and two more attacks that followed, I became too dependent on the seven pills prescribed to me daily. After a year of spending P5,000 weekly, I still was wary of my fourth heart attack. I couldn’t help calculating how much we invest in one year, which will cost us P300,000 and if I still survive in five years, it will cost us P1.5 million! This is minus the more than P70,000 bills charged to me by the hospital for every heart attack that I experience. Well, it pays to know how to calculate, or else one is left wondering where all the savings have gone.

I have nothing against medical doctors, many are true to their professions. And many would go out of their way to help alleviate my situation. But some would not give me an option to the medicines being prescribed to me. An example is a medicine prescribed for my heart, which must be taken with caution because it can have an adverse effect on my kidneys, or to my other organs. So which organ is the most important to be saved?

To seek a new alternative, especially when I also had a seizure condition that would make me useless when the attack comes 15 times a day, a dear friend suggested that I should see her acupuncturist.
Western medicine started to be discovered and practiced just recently. From their studies, a disease is a condition that can be separated from the patient. It is something that the patient has like the others. Thus, any number of patients can also have the disease and be treated in a similar manner.

In Chinese medicine, however, a disease cannot be viewed like how it is viewed by its counterpart. It is something a patient must be treated as a whole or holistically. Disease, from the Chinese point of view, is “an imbalance in the patient’s being.” The disease cannot be stereotyped and must be treated like the others. There is no isolated, self-contained, separate entity called “disease.” There is only a whole person whose body functions may be balanced or imbalanced, harmonious or disharmonious. Understanding the nature of the imbalance is the goal of diagnosis, while restoring balance is the focus of treatment according to them.

I thought, maybe, there is no harm trying to see an acupuncturist and see my condition from a different perspective. After all, oriental medicine had been discovered 3,000 to 4,000 years ago, and people lived longer according to records. As my hubby and I entered the clinic of Ms. Joyce Cathrine Elago at Thai Raksa along Ecoland near SM City in Davao City, I was surprised to see a bubbly, modern, professionally looking lady and confident of the career she has chosen. She too, as she related to us became convinced after suffering from torn ligaments or so with a slipped disk. She thought her life would be useless, literally crawling in pain, then later decided not to give up and tried to find solutions to her malady.

Her pursuit to be well again brought her to Thailand and submitted herself to an acupuncturist with oriental medicine background. After her acupuncture sessions with prescribed natural herbal medicines, the result was wonderful. She thought that if what happened to her in Thailand helped her and made a 180 degrees comeback in her life, she can pursue a further study applying this as she will learn the technique herself in China. She was confident that this can help more Filipinos and will be given them another choice and option to being cured. Her studies took years in China to learn the method.

The initial step she asked me to do was to bring out my tongue and see what ails me. Right away, she said that I do have a problem with my heart, but there are other issues to be attended to that are causing my glaring symptom about the heart. She explained that the acupuncture she will apply to me for the 10-day daily sessions would try to bring balance and clear all pathways to treat my body as a whole because there are certain blockages that need to be unclogged. Because I was having seizures that time, she took two needles and easily plunged them on both my temples. I was surprised that the pain I anticipated was nothing and barely felt. That day and until the present, my seizures were history.

She too explained that after my five days sessions, my body will be detoxified and bring out elements that have been accumulated for so long through years. True enough, I ran to and fro the bathroom endlessly and we managed it with plenty of electrolytes to keep me from being dehydrated. It lasted for one day and a half and after the expected result, I got up with sustained energy, ready for my new baking recipe.

There are many amazing results that happened to me leaving me satisfied and happy. By the way, from day one until today, I have stopped taking my maintenance to see the difference of the two world views of healing. Yet, my heart beat took a happy turn of event as it started to beat normally. I don’t despise any of the two, but at least, a patient like me can be given a choice and option to at least see what best works for me, without being emotionally hostaged because I couldn’t comply taking medicines which would drain my family’s coffer after sometime.
Be healthy and wise.

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