FAMILY MATTERS| The kink and I

THE PAST days ’til today, Davao City residents have been experiencing intermittent water interruptions due to many road repairs, as repairmen accidentally hit pipelines.

Sometimes they have to move pipes to better locations so thus contributing to the lack of supply. Amazingly, the people seem to understand the situation, as they do their part conserving, finding sources and means to get by until water tap is supplied again. Same is true to the traffic situations. Lanes are narrowed and passable only one way because the other sides are being repaired. Most of the time, because of the activities of DPWH, roads are re-routed or drivers and commuters accept the situation as part of something better to happen. Clogged canals are being cleared up to prepare for rainy days and heavy downpour, yet streets are still flooded because of the incessant diggings. I always hear people say, ” antos lang”, encouraging each one to be patient because better days are coming.

No pain, no gain or no guts no glory are better sayings to describe what we are now as DavaoeƱos. With enthusiastic leaders, despite difficulties, we hope for a better future. A city with no vision, hope and cooperation will not see the light. A family who does not see its role in the community will not envision itself to be part of a better future. When we ourselves do not take part in the discipline of the city, we hamper the progress many would want to dream of.

It is sad though that although a big part in the city are cooperative, some choose to ignore disciplines and ordinances. Just last week, a big number were caught jaywalking. Some still need to be lectured about the functions of traffic light. And so they needed to attend a one hour seminar just to lecture the obvious. Oh yes, some were students and some were professionals too. Once, I asked the meaning of yellow light and she said, ‘ step on the gas!’. Another one treats the red light not as a sign for ‘stop’, but ‘ I can still cross if I run fast.’Although driving motorcycles without helmet is prohibited which majority follow the ordinance, some few just drive their motors anyway without their head protectors. Other motorists who abide by the ordinance laugh out and say, ‘ Dili na kinahanglan ang helmet kay gahi man ang ulo.” Meaning, those who do not follow don’t really need the helmet because they are hard headed anyway, as they say it jestingly.

More than forty years ago, this writer took hold of a book entitled, “The Kink and I.” I have forgotten the author, but until today, the book still speaks loud and clear. One illustration is when a gardener accidentally knots a hose and water is not supplied to his precious plants. Then so on and on, he writes about the kink we create like a hose as individuals in our lives. Kink is the term used to describe a narrowed passage. Because of so much resistance, we create kinks in our attitudes, actions resulting to emotionally constipated results. Then we suffer because of our own stubbornness out from our own wrong doing.

As an advocate of healthy family life, we are to start to remove the kinks in our own personal lives and families first. I still am learning and relearning the personal kinks I create. These can be selfishness, demanding my rights more than kindness, knowing it all attitude and stubbornness. But in time, if we can cooperate among ourselves in the family, make a bigger picture to do it in the city, and the DavaoeƱos for the whole country, then no kink can happen to hinder our moving forward. Yes, ‘ antos’ lang and we will all get there.

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