Family Matters | Speak up and divide the sea

SOMETIME, to express one’s self to others can be the most difficult task to hurdle. It may boil down to fear of what other people think or say.  Often times, parents see this trait on some of their children and would want to help them develop the courage to push past their fears. Yet, things like these do not happen overnight. But as they help their children overcome their limitations of expression, they too learn thru the process. In reality, no one is exempted from this struggle, depending on the degree of the person’s insecurity and fear.

Remembering now a story of a man who feared what people would say if he reveals a crime he knew. When the king discovered his cowardice, he passed a judgment to this guy.

“You choose the punishment,” says the king. “Either you go through the loop of a rope around your neck and be hanged, or you will pass through that black door no one has dared to enter.”

For fear of his life and the unknown if he enters the black door, the man chose the loop of rope. Before the nooze was tightened around his neck, he asked the king one question.

” Oh king, before I die, I would like to ask what is beyond the black door. ”

“You really want to know?” asked the king.

“Oh my king, at least I would die peacefully just knowing that I did not choose that dreadful black door. So what is it? ”

“You foolish man!” the king answered, ” That black door is the door to freedom!

This story talks about the futility of losing opportunities, conquering fear and stepping out from our circle of confidence. But because of being afraid of the unknown, by not taking action, better options in life are lost. Here, sometimes, we choose the familiarity of our ropes to the real freedom of expressing our convictions. If we only knew that people actually do not think so much about us. Yet, like them, they too think that we think of them as much. This only boils down to what man is, who thinks mostly of himself and what others think about him.

Hence, we are responsible to express our thoughts, and it takes time to muster the courage for some, yet in time, with diligence, the confidence comes. If for some, articulating their thoughts can be as fluid as water that goes downhill, it may not be so to many, including this writer who worried so much in her early life what people would say. It took time for me to trust God for boldness and courage. I have not gotten to the top yet, but along the way, as the training continues that we need to be reminded to speak the truth in love. This is the opposite of choosing to be quiet for the sake of peace. We call this to be a spineless conviction and would lead to more troubles ahead.

One man I know, who made nerdy excuses just to escape responsibility was Moses.

“But Moses said to the LORD, “Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharaoh listen to me?” Exodus 6:30 NIV

Here was a man God chose without doubt to save his people. He was given clear instructions, yet he told God,  No way! “His problem was not what to say. He was given verbatim what to say, but his problem were those “knocking knees” to obey. Like Moses, you and I have to learn the art of obedience and courage to divide the sea.

Are you the Moses who said, ” I can not? ” or the Moses God has chosen to divide the sea?

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