FAMILY MATTERS| Not too old, really

SOMETIMES, it is not easy to gauge the exact age for one to be called ‘old.’ If we measure being old by the looks of a person, I am sure we could have offended too many already. Lucky are the Asians who look generally younger and no offense to the Caucasians because of body built and structure. Advertising companies are booming on beauty products, creams, hair dyes, slimming saloons and others to satisfy the desires of costumers to look younger. Some do more radical steps as they undergo facelifts or surgical procedures. Are they worth it? Maybe, maybe not. My opinion is not necessary at the moment or else, “Word War” comes like wildfire. But I pray they eventually reach a point when many would stop lying about their ages and start bragging about them. They must have to learn to accept life as it is. Simply because life had been good and gift from the Maker . They know the physical limitations of getting old but may remain to be young at heart and fun to be around.

I can’t remember the very first time I opened the refrigerator and wondered why I opened it in the first place. Or there were instances, and even now, being a story teller that I am, when at the middle of my story, I stop because I have forgotten the next line. Psychologists say that not only old people experience embarrassing moments like this. So, to make everyone feel happy, forgetfulness is a sign of life and not of aging. They are just called lapses due to busy minds or idleness of the mind unawakened. Definition is from the writer’s collection of handy thoughts. But they do become entertaining when they go a bit far off.

A couple were watching their favorite movie when the wife asked the husband to prepare some sandwiches for them.

” Honey, will you please bring out the bread for our sandwiches? Remember, it is the bread I am asking you to bring out. Why don’t you write it down?”

” Yes, yes, I am now bringing out the bread” he answers.

” And oh, honey please put ham in that sandwich, will you? Don’t you forget that it is ham sandwich . You might want to write it down. “

” Sure, sweetheart, I got them ready. No need to write down. I remember, it is ham sandwich.”

” Honey, please add tomatoes and the greens too, will you? Are you sure you won’t forget?”

” Sweetheart, I am not really that old to forget those stuff. “

After fifteen minutes, he comes out with a platter of tuna sandwiches. The old lady stares at the platter with sandwiches , looks at her husband and asks,

” Where are my pancakes?”

Now, these are downright serious lapses, but funny as well. But if both realize what they have forgotten and laugh about them, then they are still young at heart . It is but important to remember that,

” You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. But you grow old because you stop laughing. ” – Written by someone young at heart, although old who has not stopped laughing.

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