Family Matters: Marriage as how God designs it

It was just like yesterday as I recall the time my hubby and I began to form a family.

Looking back, I couldn’t imagine where all the energy was drawn from. Now that we have reached past most of the responsibilities, beating deadlines to pay bills, sending our child to school, making ends meet and trying all survival means to stay afloat, we say that we made it! But harnessing all efforts to choose to continue to be committed to each other despite odds were priceless as we recall those days.

Yet, many times, we noted that marriage is not just a matter of survival. It is not merely meeting all material needs. Through difficult situations, we stumbled on a daily basis that marriage will not last long without Jesus to glue us together. We may have fulfilled all goals to raise the family’s standard and daily needs but there is more than superficial look.

There were nuggets of truths that kept us going. But all these did not come easy until we were willing to see them through God’s eyes. Often times, pride came in between us. It is not that we have graduated from the problem of pride already, but we are aware that in marriage, the struggle to let the ‘me’ issue continue to be experienced until our dying days.

Hence, we nod our heads when we acknowledge that marriage is not passive. It is something that has to be worked out day in and day out. Sometimes, weakness comes and irritation as a response becomes more convenient as an excuse to say that which we regret later. And to face the issue after sometime is another matter. Yet we believe that after such time, the ‘Iron sharpens iron’ is real. But oh my, how this sharpening tool of God stings in many ways, but the improvement of dealing with each other somehow gives positive results.

There were times when we could hardly find solutions to seemingly absurd situations. No matter how hard we pray, or sometimes have exhausted means and possibilities, yet nothing sane comes as a result, a good sense of humor comes in handy. We just say that maybe we are running too fast and not allowing God to do exactly the plan He has for us in His own time.

Ultimately, marriage to our understanding is not just the union of a man and woman. It doesn’t stop there. It is the union of a man and a woman to form a family as they allow God to please Him in all respects and willing to go as far as where He leads them despite the imperfections. No, it doesn’t aim to be a perfect union. Rather, it is the union of two imperfect individuals, that is a man and a woman as how God designs it, leaning on a supernatural God. Such is marriage.

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