FAMILY MATTERS| Manny Pacquiao, more than the ordinary

AN AMBIVALENT leader causes an insecure constituency. May it be in workplace, governance or the family. Decisiveness is a powerful characteristic of a leader. At least, we are assured that something happens when one decides. But when there is no decision, it leaves followers shaky. Surely, balance is necessary for a leader to be effective while he thinks for the good of the people under him.

It is amazing how leaders make or break their people. True enough, not all decisions made are good and beneficial. Sometimes, things turn out the way we don’t expect. Then, we realize that man decides but it is God who orchestrates situations.

I have always been amazed of Manny Pacquiao, the world boxing champion and now a gutsy senator. He made good fights in boxing rings, and the whole country would enthusiastically watch and cheer so much for him. Obviously, he gave honor to his country. Then, he ran for congress. He won, because his voters were from his place. Lately, he announced to run for senator, and I personally heard derogatory comments. I am convinced that truly, ‘ Man looks at the appearance but God looks at the heart’.

“He will not make a good senator! Now he has gone overboard! He should be aware of his capacities! What will he do in the senate? He is only an ALS graduate! He is only good in boxing rings!”

It is very sad indeed to judge someone by our standards. But just like what I said, it is God who orchestrates situations. He won and found his seat in the senate. Came all the senate inquiries just some few weeks ago, and the whole citizenry gaped by his stance.

” Kung totoo sa puso at isipan ang iyong sinasabi, hindi pabago bago ang sinasabi mo!” ( If you truly believe in your heart and mind, then you will be consistent with whatever you say)

These were his words as he stood like a seasoned senator while he participated in the interpolation of a witness . Yet, as we look closer, the senator is a real humble man. We find no tinge of arrogance in him. He is not empty and not just ‘ all brawn no brains’, so they say. Obviously, the Filipino people see him differently now and more. Looking closer, in the middle of his boxing career, he started talking about God in a different light. Oh yes, he looked religious earlier and sincere, but then everyone noticed a different Manny including his wife Jinky about their perspective of God today. There is more vibrance and their faith is personal. Their God does not dwell from a distance, and they do not approach Him through rituals. But God to them is close enough for their present help, guidance and daily survival. Not necessarily in monetary means as we all know how much he is blessed, but the kind of survival in this judgmental society. Never have we heard Manny and his wife tried to defend themselves from their critics. Isn’t that amazing? Normally, without a second thought, when one is scathed, retaliation follows.

It is not hidden that Manny leads his children, wife and household in prayers and Bible studies. He doesn’t mince his words when he talks about his God to people. Yes, this man is not ashamed of his God. He doesn’t remember God only on Sundays. No, he is not religious the way we see one, but his faith is personal. After every fight, he runs to a corner to pray win or lose. He encourages staff in senate for Bible studies. To me, his decisions and actions are being consulted with God first. I am convinced that upon encountering difficult situations or anything for that matter, he asks

” What would Jesus say and do if He were in my place?”

No wonder, Manny’s confidence is in God. He is not ambivalent because God is bigger than his concerns. May all my readers find the God of Manny who changes man for His purpose for such a time as this when we need decisive leaders.

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