FAMILY MATTERS| Made for a purpose for 2017

CAN’T help counting down as 2017 is just some few days away. 2016 was never like any year before. Many unusual things happened in this country from political, natural calamities, victories, health problems and family issues.

So much to describe all that had happened within those 365 days. Surely, we are grateful of the blessings and also learned from our mistakes and just longing to apply the “been there, done that” and failed reasons. True, we have recognized that we became wiser not because of so many books read but because our failures became our greatest teachers. Yet, the victories were happy moments too, but we know that they tested and checked our humility as well.

We can learn from the Romans in times of victories and blessings that come our way. When the Roman soldiers and their leaders would come home from a victorious fight, they were welcomed by the crowd with chants and songs because of the honor they brought to the empire. But while they marched through the crowd, some soldiers were always assigned by the sides of the leaders, with their own chant, only the leaders could hear,

” Victory is fleeting, victory is fleeting”.

I know a man in the bible whose name was Moses. He belonged to the tribe of the Levites of the Hebrew people. But by God’s fateful maneuvering, he grew up in the palace of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Naturally, he learned the ways and self confidence trained for a prince. But again, because of a tragic accident that he accidentally killed an Egyptian because of trying to defend a Hebrew, he had to escape for fear of his life as a consequence of his murderous act. He hid and became a shepherd in one of the mountains away from the knowledge of the Pharaoh.

But God again took him out from the place as He initially showed His presence to Moses through a burning bush in Mt. Sinai. God commissioned Moses to save the Hebrew people from the cruel treatment of the Egyptian Pharaoh to His people. Moses came down from the mountain, but a different Moses altogether. He was tasked to talk to Pharaoh to free his people, but amazingly, the Moses who grew up in the palace yet escaped to the mountains made an alibi that he stuttered and could not talk straight to the Egyptian ruler. And more alibis of his inadequacies.

Indeed, it is difficult to fulfill a command to change a situation when one forgets what stuff he is made of. Moses was designed for a purpose, but he focused on his failures, his limitations and forgot who sent him. After all, God who commissioned him is the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

We are looking into another year of opportunity to make a better life, better families or even a better country. We griped in so many ways depending on which side of the situation we are looking at. Let us not be like Moses, just seeing his limitations, but there are opportunities to consider and to choose from.

Maybe, 2017 would open more doors of peace, love and healing. Together, let us ask God to commission us to do our part. We are not in hiding like Moses, yet God used him at the end. After all, Moses, regained his self confidence and became willing to be a channel of blessing. Remember how he extended his staff towards the sea, and the sea divided! The people ran to dry ground in the middle of the sea and were saved. If Moses became willing at the end, so could we to be blessings for 2017, that is because like him, we too are designed for a purpose. Let us continue to be like the Romans as well.

That in times of victories sometimes, may we listen to those words, “victory is fleeting, victory is fleeting” to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

From our family to yours, we wish you blessings, joy and peace. Happy New Year!m

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