FAMILY MATTERS| Life is fair and God is good

SOME few days ago, this writer received a note in her messenger from a family friend and a former church mate she has not seen for more than thirty five years. He had been going through dialysis because of kidney failure for three years hence. He expressed how God is being unfair to him to go through such suffering. He claims to have been faithful in church, in going to fellowships, a good choir member and faithfully giving his tithes. And this is what he gets.

“How can a God who claims to be loving treats me unfairly after all that I have done for Him? Sorry, but you may call me now an atheist.”

I am aware how difficult it must be to be in his situation. I don’t even have the right to judge how he feels. Even though this writer had just two bouts of heart attacks lately, his pain cannot even be my pain. Just like what they say, we deal with pain and sufferings by different thresholds. What is painful to some may not be the same to someone else. However, I wanted to tell him three things.

First, I don’t believe that he has turned into an atheist. An atheist is one who claims that there is no God. In fact He blames God for his sufferings. No one can claim that the one he blames doesn’t exist. So he still believes that God exists. At least, this opens an opportunity to bring us on the same level to agree about the existence of God.

Second, since the fall of man, we cannot blame God for our sufferings. Men think that God is still the ruler of this world. But no, and in fact it is Satan, the Devil. The earth has been corrupted, including our physical bodies. That is the reason why we get sick and we die. Surely, we can pray for healing. And if He wills for us to get better, then He will do it. But,

“Thy will be done” is an option too. Because of the enemy, there is so much sufferings.

Third, maybe we suffer because of the consequences of what we do. Don’t we get sick with diabetes when day in and day out, we gorge on soft drinks, kit kat, unli rice and ice cream without limit? How can we blame someone for something of our own wrong doing? All I know is, He doesn’t inflict the suffering but allows it for a purpose.

I love this story passed from family to family until it reached the Internet for the consumption of many. Fairytale as it is, yet it drives the lesson we need to learn.

A king had a servant who always said that ” God is good and everything he does is perfect”. One day as they went hunting, a wild boar attacked the king and he lost a finger. The servant managed to kill the boar. The king was furious and said to the servant,

“If God is good, why did He allow me to lose a finger? “

The servant replied, “O king, despite what happened, God is still good and all His ways are perfect.”

The king was so mad at his servant and sent him to jail. After 2 days, the king went hunting and some savages caught him. They were about to sacrifice him to their gods, but later discovered that he is not perfect because he lacked a finger. Because of this, they released him. He went straight to his servant in jail and told the story. Mockingly, he asked the good servant,

“If God is really good, why did He allow me to send you to jail?”

The servant replied without batting an eyelid, “If you did not send me to jail, then I could have been the one sacrificed by the savages!”

Ah, indeed, He is good and all His ways are perfect.

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