Family Matters | In time, God will lift the gloom

EVERY man goes through depression at certain moments in their lives.

If in time, when he or she springs back to life and expresses hope and positivity, then we are rest assured that the condition is just temporary and passing. Sadness and grief are normal human emotions and may go away after some time. However, when it becomes too deep and prolonged, people might look at the condition as something to be attended to and needing proper attention and help.
It is sad that many individuals go through depression unnoticed and before help arrives, it is already late. They say that there are more suicide cases today than before. Unless, the depression is caused by biological health issues, then the reason could be difficulty to cope with emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. This is a condition that should not be labeled as “wrong, bad and lack of faith.” It is not a case that can be dealt by reprimanding the individual to get over it and move on. Or, to one’s eagerness to involve God in his or her condition, words like,
“Have faith, God loves you and He has a reason why He allows you to go through this.”
With due respect to well-meaning religious individuals, yes, to have faith is good. God loves everybody, depressed or not. He also has plans for everyone. However, to tell someone who is depressed and negative and sometimes unable to even get up and welcome a beautiful morning to “cheer up” is adding more stones tied around the neck of one who already has loads of it.
We may not be aware but a person close to you, or even a part of your family may be going through depression. They do smile, talk normally like anyone else, but deep inside, a part of them is dying. The gloom hovers above their heads and persistently doesn’t seem to go away. Unless they seek for advice, always be ready to be around them. Sometimes, we don’t have to worry what to say. It is more important to listen and spend time with the person. Take their feelings seriously. Maybe, we can try to feel their journey and few words like,
“That must be a difficult situation” would slowly allow him or her to open up. Who knows, they can open up and tell you their stories as both of you journey through their gloomy days and through your prayers, will one beautiful day, God will lift the gloom.
“A word fitly spoken and in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver”
Proverbs 25:11
The Amplified Bible

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