Family Matters | Grow old you shall, grow up you choose

It was May 18, 65 years ago today when my mother brought me out into this world. A sunny but cold up in Baguio City and being impatient by nature, I couldn’t wait for the doctor or midwife for the proper delivery. I came out without warning with lustful cry at home according to my siblings and thus one life has begun. Fast forward, and now I am 65. God be the judge how I lived my life, but now at 65, if I turn back the time, I wish I could have done better in some areas, not said things I have said in the past, or loved people I treasured more. Or maybe defended someone more when he or she could not make a stand for his or her own life.

But surely, there were decisions I would never regret doing again and again like marrying the same guy, nurturing the same son, growing up with the same family I came from, and treasuring the same friends. I do not claim the relationships were and are ideal despite painful family set up sometimes but I choose to love the same people despite unfavorable circumstances. Maybe, I would still say the same things when they are against my values.
We account all experiences we go through as eye openers, good or bad they may be. If everything had been good and ideal, maybe we are not the same persons that we are now. Someone has said that
“We have so many people walking around who are dead and don’t even know it.”
We keep asking God for favorable situations like,
“God, spare me from difficult circumstances, keep me away from trying times” and so on. It is similar to asking Him to lead you to a flat road to nowhere. To be spared from uncomfortable times makes growth stagnant. This is similar to helping our children sometimes to walk by falling occasionally. They will never know what walking is without falling. These are calculated risks we do to them in order to learn. This is what I mean when we find people who are walking around who are dead and don’t even know it!
It was a year ago, on May 13 when this writer had a heart failure. God knows when my tenure on earth lasts. So it had been a year and I was made to realize that people who fear death are those who were never satisfied in life and continue to live in regrets for the things they hoped to do and failed. One thing I know, God spared my life already in a year, and only He knows until when, maybe more years or so. Today, I just thank Him for life learned, and hopeful to do better for the lessons I still yet to learn. By the way, 65 is not yet old to learn new tricks and to really live. After all, Sarah the wife of Abraham learned her lessons about lying at 98 and became pregnant at 99! But to grow and learn life is a choice we make, but to grow old in age is in the hands of time and with God.

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