FAMILY MATTERS | God may send someone like Sackur to test you

JUST┬álast week, the interview of news anchor Stephen Sackur of BBC or British Broadcasting Company with Senator Antonio Trillanes on his program HARDTalk, really lived up to the program’s title. This writer will not touch about what or who the senator is or whatever opinion he has, but I would rather talk about the situation. Although the senator claims it to be the “proudest moment of his public life”, well that is according to him, then respect him for that matter.

But any listener wouldn’t for that grueling time want to be in that same situation.

I am not sure if the senator heard of Stephen Sackur before. However, I am certain, like anyone else, that he too is familiar with BBC. It is a prestigious broadcasting network. Like any ready soldier, he could have prepared better with his facts and opinions. He could have reviewed the style of Sackur himself so that he would not look so plastered on the wall, blinking and groping for words. While Sackur, his interviewer was so relaxed, foot dangling, laughed and argued freely, what if he also sat on a stool or a comfortable chair, his hands free to express and not glued on his sides? About the subject matter, he said the same thing that people already knew he would say. I guess, Sackur already psyched him ahead of time, so he prepared himself to be on top of the situation. I understand that because any speaker likewise wouldn’t feel comfortable and free when the audience knows better about the facts and subject. If one is not on top of the situation, then he finds himself fumbling for words.

True enough, The BBC anchor man did his assignment. He acted more like a soldier, who knew where and what to attack , he thought ahead of the facts and like a canine attacker, he went straight to the jugular.

At home, we had a good talk with our son of what happened. In any family, things like these can be good topics to help them be prepared about the onslaught of attackers, physically, mentally or even spiritually.

We, my husband and I reminded our son,

“Son, think of yourself as a good soldier who prepares ahead to accomplish his task. Be sure that you don’t get caught unprepared. Pray for higher wisdom. Know your enemy. Study their next moves. Don’t go ranting and angry. Anger will get the best of you and your mind becomes clouded. Don’t be too sure of your moves. Sometimes, when we least think that the coast is clear, then the enemies start pouncing. Remember, when Noah built the ark, the sun was shining and the people were merry making. But Noah just obediently took his tools and did his assignment. He did not question God for things he did not understand. Never mind the credits and applause. Do not love them and allow them to get into your head. All these will come to pass. There will be more Sackurs in our lives to test our preparedness. But the ultimate one to test son is God, so take heed.

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