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This article is written while my small family travels to Luzon to see for ourselves the portrait of president Duterte, which this writer’s hubby painted for his inauguration in Malacañan. After so many days, for the past few months, our regular schedule at home was disrupted with unexpected calls, visits and appointments as a result. We are grateful that the opportunity given to my husband to do the painting paved way for more contacts to enhance his career. However, I guess what energized us more and made meaning to what we want as a family is sharing our joy to relatives and close friends and gather to the place where we will all view it together on September 25, 2016. We wanted to invite as many friends as we could who are dear to us, and there are very many of them. However, the palace tour can only accommodate a limited number. We made our ” tokhang” ( katok-hangyo) to the staff of the president’s spokesperson if they would allow at least 15 guests. We were happy that they conceded with the bargain. In our minds, as we ” invaded” Malacañan on that happy Monday morning, it was also a celebration of friendships and family kinship. I wish our countless friends were with us. But fifteen is better than none.

Slowly, we are beginning to understand the meaning of family. It is not about what we have achieved. It is not what made you different, because of a one time big time experience, but widening your circle of love . The achievement was just the opportunity to begin with what you want your family to become.

While we continued our vacation, our journey from Malacañan ended up in Baguio City where my relatives are from. Again, we are redefining the meaning of family. It may not be the place where you live. Although, we do not mind living in a place like Baguio City, where many people would love to go. It may not even be the size of the house where you live, but them, who are so glad to see you again in their midst. Family becomes meaningful when you share the same old jokes. When they are retold again, they are as fresh and still funny like when it happened many years back.

After our vacation, we will go back to our dear city of Davao. But we know the journey will continue to more relatives and friends. Now, we liken a family to a ripple of water. The harder the drop of water you create, the wider the sphere of influence of love and friendship it makes.

Then, when years and years have passed, we look back and realize that real happiness in the family is not the wealth one has accumulated , neither all the fame that made you stand out from the rest. It is the joy of journeying together with those who became extensions of a family circle. Agreeing in so many things, or disagreeing at some points. But that family, composed of the biological relationships and friends will stand the test of time in this journey called life.

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