Family Matters | Do not move the boundary lines

An inheritance is meant to be a blessing to the receiver. Either this is a hard-earned wealth or passed on by ancestors, and amazing how this reveals the true characters of those who anticipate to receive.

Time and again, it is one family issue that can unite or divide the supposed beneficiaries. Some are openly greedy and fairness is something thrown out of the window just to get the inheritance at any cost. And others are fairly thankful and happy. Indeed, I call it a test from God as He looks into the heart of man. It has its subtle effects, to test the one who receives if it makes him a better person and becomes a blessing, or a curse that only God knows the repercussions.

On the lighter side, an old man was about to die, and called his only grandson to tell about his last will and testament. Although the boy is sorrowful about his grandfather’s condition, somehow he was excited of his inheritance.

“Grandson,” says the old man, “I am dying and I want to leave you my hard earned farm. I worked hard to earn this and I know you will be happy to have all these that I will give you. All these include the livestock, the harvest, the tractor and other equipment that goes with it. Of course this includes the farmhouse and the sum of $25,430, 320.46 in cash.

The grandson couldn’t believe what he just heard. “Lolo, you are the best and generous. You never told me that you have this vast wealth! I never saw you leave this community, more so this house. You were only in front of your iPod. I guess it is situated abroad since the money is in dollar. Where is it, grandpa?”

With difficulty, the grandfather whispered, “in my FarmVille Facebook.”

OK, OK. This is not my original joke but it is real that inheritance makes the heart and mind glad like the boy. But as the blessing comes, first things first before one is worthy to receive. If to receive the wealth is exciting, how excited also can one get to receive to the point of going over the boundary lines and violate other’s rights? I wonder if they too will fight as fiercely as they can to take care of the giver before their lives end. Ah, only God knows the hearts of men.

“I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”
NIV Jeremiah 17:10

So the real inheritance and blessing is not what is in the will, but the blessing of God who looks at the heart that flows like a river of water. We too may fade away someday, but let not the consequences fall on the innocent children to the nth generation. Lest we fall, let us not forget the saying of the wise of long ago to escape the trap and wiles of the devil.

New Living Translation “Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers set up by previous generations.” Remember, that neighbor can also be your family.
Proverbs 22:28

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