ONE of the most agitating thing that can happen to a family is when one is rushed to the hospital without warning just to make her breathe. Breathing had never been an issue since oxygen was never denied to anyone since he or she could remember while living. Then suddenly, this writer had witnessed it herself last May 13 at 2 am when oxygen even at the smallest amount could be the most valuable thing on earth. Then after series of tests, doctors found out that her heart was failing, and the drowning symptoms were due to fast accumulation of fluid inside the lungs. Immediately, she was hooked up to an oxygen tube to ease up breathing. She was told that the maintenance is expensive, but something inevitable because its denial would mean she would either live or die. No wonder, her identity status to be a living and non living thing is just how much nature can supply her with enough of the air she needs to keep the heart pumping and lungs to supply that which her body lacks to provide the whole body.

While the doctors became busy trying to normalize her body function, her mind began to see life in a different light. There are so many things we look for granted when things seem normal. It deemed on her that if God just decided to put an oxygen meter connected to her nose from the time she was born until today, she can be one of the poorest creatures on earth alive paying for air consumption.
Now, she is quickly on to recovery, and thus relays:
” When at least I could talk and breath at the same time, I had a good talk with my son. He admitted to be a bit agitated because of my condition, but decided to stay afloat to remain objective, which his papa did the same. I admired them for being solution oriented instead of being emotionally paralyzed as we went through the motion. My son asked,
” What if you did not survive, mama?”
” Son, when that happens, that means God wants me home with Him.”
He added, ” I just want to be at the right frame of mind.”
“Son, the best frame of mind is when you know you are dying and you don’t regret things that you have done. Or, you’d wish that you could have done better but you just simply did not do it and die ugly regretting. Son, life is a matter of accountability. I believe that everyone has a purpose for living, yet the saddest part is when you neglect that assignment and become busy with something else. Then you realize that life is just at the nick of time and you can not undo things anymore. ”
Those were so many things to digest in one horrendous experience yet a very hefty tip to consider. Today, I am very thankful that I still walk in the land of the living and appreciating even the minutest thing that come my way. To die with so many ugly things undone in life would be an embarrassing moment with my Savior. One day, that will happen as every person would go through and give account to the Master.
For the meantime, let me celebrate my birthdate May18, today when God marked this particular day many years ago and tasked me to live and be the person who He created me to be. I can not live to be like someone else. Tho, I like Julia Roberts, let her be the only one. More than one Julia Roberts would be enough. I will never be like her. Same way that I can never be Billy Graham. Let me be contented for who I am, for nobody else will be like me. Anytime, when He asks me to “go home”, I want to make sure that He can say,
“Well done my true and faithful servant!” That to me is dying beautiful!

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