FAMILY MATTERS| Cleaning Up A Whole Generation

IT IS AMAZING how the news about the drug syndicate in Ozamis turned out to be not just an ordinary crime. It has turned out to have a hidden graveyard for victims of drug related cases who were rivals of the family involved. The Parojinogs are now under investigation and sometimes we can not help but think whether this is the end of family dynasties or just the tip of the iceberg. Then here comes the investigation of the said anomalies about the COMELEC chairman, Bautista. And there are more, people in congress encouraging breakdown of families unknowingly, hatred in social media of all parties, false reports and too much swearing. Massacre of a family became the headline and rapes were committed one after the other. We have really reached the point where the sore this country is suffering is not just skin deep but it has reached the underlying system of the body. Now, it is oozing. The abscess is too much and the stench is unbearable. Obviously, all these did not happen overnight. Big time crimes like these would not just happen in a twinkling of an eye. They have been premeditated with the goal of amassing power, wealth and abuse. Good values are just things of the past.

People who have the tendency to become what we try to describe, think that nothing is enough. They want more and more of the object of their desire, yet are never satisfied. They can not put down their foot to say that enough is enough. Some are enhanced by drugs or simply because of tolerated bad habits and encouraged bad behaviors in childhood.

Sadly, sometimes this begins in a family where fairness, love and showing the kids their boundaries are not observed. Children who can not understand their limits will test up to where they can still extend their desire to manipulate. At a younger stage, where they can not understand right from wrong, parents should hold the breaks. Show and demonstrate where the limits are. A child who cries, bawls and makes tantrums while in the mall with you because she or he wants something should be told firmly that there will be no going to malls if this happens again. And you say you mean it. If the act is repeated, then, don’t go to the mall! Our inconsistencies are picked up by them easily and unknowingly, they can have their way. And you imagine what they’d be like when they turn out to be adults. These days, children are addicted to computer games. Set the limits! No computer games during school days. At weekends, they can play but with time limit. Everybody will go to church on Sundays and that is that. Don’t worry that you might hurt their feelings with such boundaries. Worry more when they grow and encroach other people’s lives and think that they can always have their way. Then you realize that they have become the problem of society.

Going back to where we have started earlier, maybe we have to accept the fact that the damage is done. Those kids who never knew their boundaries are now adults and raking havocs. But let us not despair. We can still begin from our children and start a new generation. I believe God listens when our intentions are good. Maybe, times have changed, but we still have the same God. He is not surprised that our generation is a real mess. Generations whether good or bad come and go. In the Old Testament times, sometimes, He would choose to wipe out one whole generation of a tribe or start a few people like the family of Noah as he sent the big flood. Who knows, this generation that we start with our kids can be the last generation He will prepare before He comes again. If that is so, then this time, we can be a big part with a special duty to clean up a whole generation. But the first thing to do is go down on our knees and implore Him who is Almighty to lead the way.

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