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MAY 19, THE world witnessed on TV another wedding of the year. This writer witnessed how many viewers reacted to the wedding of Prince Harry of the British Royal family to the actress Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. The wedding was simple, her gown was one of the most simple I have seen except for the 16 feet or so train and the diamond which Queen Elizabeth loaned to her from Queen Mary’s Diamond bandeau, according to news. Ah, simple or lavish, the Royal family has all the right to do it and many would wish them well for a relationship royal as it is by them, the beauty and the best. And like a fairytale, may they live happily ever after.
Contrary to gossip, Meghan Markle was not actually abused by half siblings. Some want to think it like that of Cinderella. Her mother, Doria Ragland, an African American whose ancestors were enslaved in Georgia had her job after being divorced with husband Thomas Markle, Sr, a Caucasian and a television lighting director when she was six years old. Both parents are Protestants. Her father used to tag her along in movie shootings where he used to work with. She went to a private school as a child and enrolled to the university in college to take up Bachelor in Theaters and International Studies. Being an achiever, she continued her career as an actress and later married her first husband, Trevor Engelson in 2011 which lasted for two years until she met Prince Harry in 2016 in a blind date being set up by a common friend. To make a long story short, she is now known as the Duchess of Sussex.

Now back to reality, I just recently saw a wedding featured on TV with the bride radiantly smiling in her bridal car, a tricycle driven by her equally proud father. They are on their way to the church where the wedding will be held. I knew that by her looks, she wouldn’t exchange her wedding for anything else even to be entitled as the Duchess of Sussex and granddaughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth. Such is life, true happiness need not be in titles and trimmings. I am not saying that Meghan Markle is not happy. She can be as happy as anyone else like this bride who would surely be oblivious of the people and material depravity. True joy indeed comes from a satisfied heart and mind regardless of status, material wealth and things invisible to the eye.

Congratulations to Meghan Markle for finding a true Prince in her lifetime and congratulations to that beautiful bride in a tricycle for finding her best. For if the heart is contented to the true meaning of satisfaction, in any part of the world, you can find your best among the best.

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