FAMILY MATTERS| Be a family of change when the world has gone awry

THE MASSACRE news on June 27, 2017 committed to five individuals in Bulacan because of some individuals who had a drinking spree coupled with using prohibited drugs was an obnoxious crime

that stirred the anger of Filipinos. The breadwinner of the family, Mr. Dexter Carlos, coming home from his night duty as a bank security guard, working hard to feed his family comes home shocked to realize that he no longer has a family. All his loved ones gone because of these addicts who couldn’t remember how they did the crime, but in reality raped the two adults and stabbed them many times including the three children. The first that was nabbed, Miling Navarro Ibañes admitted the crime and when asked why they committed such a heinous crime said, ‘ trip trip lang.’ A sane mind could be appalled to such a response, and one could just look on like staring at a black hole seeking to hear a more sane answer but just gawk at the murderer not believing the words he said.

We used to say that man is a rational being. He has a complete faculty to choose right from wrong. He differs from other creatures because he has a conscience to understand good from evil. But looking at these creatures, I say it again, creatures not men because they put themselves to be at the level or even below the animals and beasts we know. Well, at least that is when they allowed themselves to be under the influence of drug and liquor. Imagine how the country would be like five years from now if the problem is not curtailed.

How safe are we and our children to walk on streets even at daylight or more so at night? Who could say if a person you pass by is not high on drugs? Who could we trust or at least entrust our loved ones? Call me paranoid, but I would rather know exactly the whereabouts of my family, who they are with and what time they should be home. I want to know who are the people my child hangs around with. I want them to come to our house too, and know them as well. If they often see us, maybe we can have ways as a family to influence them positively. This generation is now reaping the fear of our grandparents of what kind of parents they were raising their kids then. Those who had too much who focused on material wealth to raise their children. Others lived in poverty, and because of want, neglected them as well. There were so many reasons, ambitions, passions and sheer neglect.

True, there are many other reasons why this generation has gone awry. To focus on the negative now is too late. Neither would blaming contribute to a solution. This is a generation where thinking adults should agree to find solutions. Maybe start with spending time with the children. Then move to the schools, then to work places and contribute positively to the communities. Let us not put all the burden to government leaders. They can be effective if we are effectively supporting them. Let us not focus too much on politics because individual families still have the power to contribute for change. The leaders today will be gone by the next generation. Let us not throw all our weights on then, and throw insults to whoever does not side with your preferred leader, but reserve some goodness and kindness to other useful means to our own sphere of influence. Neither should we take it personally when your preferred leader receives negative comments. Maybe, by calming down a bit would make our minds focus more to what is relevant. Politics come and go, but our families are here to stay and continue whatever positive legacy we leave to them. May God teach us to make wise choices and learn which to focus on to be positive influencers for the sake of the next generation . Be a family of change.

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