ANOTHER  household topic! The scenario of two beautiful ladies in the pageantry with contradicting results was up lately. At least, this has become a good respite from political topics but equally interesting. Last week, Kylie Verzosa, bagged the Miss International title in Japan. Surely, she gave pride to the Filipino people and to my kababayan from Baguio City. Her answers to questions were intelligently said and delivered with grace. Her performance and bearing were queenly and people would surely say that she was deserving of the title. They say that joining beauty pageants like these could be rigorous and stressful. The prize, which is the awaiting crown is too precious to win.

However, this writer is not very happy of the Miss Earth pageant’s result. I don’t mean about the winner of the crown, Miss Ecuador, but of the Miss Philippines’ candidate, Imelda Schweighart, who landed from one controversy to another. I don’t mean to rub salt to the wound, but since it has happened to unfortunate circumstances, then let us just put it as a lesson to anyone who would aspire to such experience in the future and to her, as well. Indeed, to be queenly and act queenly demands a great prize, but when the title is won, what a reward indeed!

I was five years old when my mother taught me and my sisters a song. Meaning, that was more than half a century! Every graceful and queenly act had been a virtue for ages. A wise woman would teach her daughters the same and dream of a daughter to be proper, wise, graceful and queenly. A line of the song goes this way,

” When I grow to be a lady, I’ll be a queen , a lovely queen…

When I grow to be a lady, a fine and noble queenly lady…..”

A simple song, yet very positive to influence ladies to be fine, noble and queenly. Obviously, I never claimed a crown in pageantry, but my husband thinks I am his queen for all his reasons. What I say is, outward appearance is fleeting, yet I agree that it has to be nurtured. Cosmetics are available to enhance, by the way, so no one in this generation can say that she is ugly. Striking the balance is important. It is not only a goddess look that matters, although, even that beauty though long gone, is still remembered in the hearts of those lives she touched. The character within that touches other people and create inspiring influence is lasting. I admire ladies who are capable of voicing out their opinions. Ladies who do not withhold wisdom, knowing that it can leave a lasting legacy. They are the ones who can shape younger women to be wiser, proper, loving, godly and not quarrelsome. I do not encourage ladies either to be helpless, who could not even kill a fly. ‘Damsel in distress’ as we may call them, for they will never inherit the council of Women of Substance even from the ranks of long ago.

One day, these women of substance may not win a crown in a pageantry, for only one is chosen. But one wise man will choose her to be by his side to be his queen, and to her peers and children to call her blessed. Yet still, even if there is no man, if God designs one to be complete without a man, you are equally favored by God and you will always be remembered as a woman of substance. So ladies, when time is tough and the path to queenland is challenging, look up, smile and straighten your crown.

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