Family Matters | A hilarious mother, who can find?

MOTHER’S Day’s is a good way to celebrate and greet moms for the many ways they contribute to the sanity and love they bring to the family. Surely, every child has many things to say about the mom he or she has had-some good, some bad, some ugly and some funny. When a mother turned out to be a good one, a beautiful description of how she was as a mother is always told and passed down to the children and grandchildren for her to be remembered by. If her presence was not as significant, and the children are good enough to remember her,

“Thanks, mom, for bringing me out into this world!” would be fair, gracious enough and a good reason to celebrate the date. Now, don’t start laughing. After all, all mothers deserve to be honored. But really, I wish all mothers receive all the appreciations they deserve that their children could give them.

I had my share of a mom, who despite her woes in marriage having an unfaithful husband made her presence to her children like sunshine. Her stories about her childhood days were like as yesterday when she relayed them to us. She was a great storyteller who narrated her first suitor, an elderly guy that came to their house just before World War II. The guy visited her but never said a word and left their house forgetting his sandals on the stairway and never showed up after then. Many years passed and we kept asking her to tell the story about the guy again and again and she obliged like telling it to us over and over seemingly for the first time.

She was generous in words to encourage her children but not to anyone who hurts them. Like when I was just in college, a guy courted me that I thought I liked but I needed to ask permission if I could say “yes” to the guy. I went home to Baguio City where my parents were. She thought I was still young, but asked if I have his photo. He looked at the photo a long time and agreed that he looked kind and handsome. After a month, the relationship died a natural death and I went back to my mother to tell her that it did not work out. Her words were way too reassuring.

“I forgot to tell you then when you showed me his photo that his nose was rather large.” I could not describe how I felt of what she said. Should I cry or should I laugh? Was the breakup justified because of the large nose? That’s what I mean when some guys try to mess up with her kids.

My mom has long been gone, but the memories were vivid. We can still hear her laughter and her stories until today. But her legacy of a good mom goes beyond a Mother’s Day celebration but will always be treasured in the hearts of her children and grandchildren as long as her memories are treasured in their hearts. One day, a good book about how to find a loving hilarious mother will be in the hands of women who are intent to also make their presence like a sunshine to whoever reads her stories and the legacy goes on overflowing around other children and other children’s children.

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