Fake notaries nabbed

TWO EMPLOYEES in the office of a lawyer who passed away in 2015 were apprehended by officers of Calinan Police Station for conducting illegal notary transactions.

 Anabelle Sanchez Avergonzado and Jacqueline Tasong Ando, both residents of Calinan, were charged for falsification of public documents and other crimes. They

represented themselves as staff of the law office of late Atty. Dennis Ampon, who died sometime in 2015.

 The two were arrested in an entrapment operation conducted by the Calinan Police Precinct and were presented for inquest before Prosecutor Rogieliza Verallo yesterday.

 Chief Insp. Michael Uyanguren, the Calinan station commander, planned the execution of the entrapment operation after receiving reports of the alleged illegal activities perpetrated by the two employees who have been notarizing legal documents by forging signatures.

 The operation was an offshoot to an inter-agency meeting hosted by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) – Davao City Chapter involving the Philippine National Police, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, National Bureau of Investigation, Registry of Deeds, Land Transportation Office, Office of the City Mayor and the courts to stop fake notaries and unethical law practices on Sept. 12.

 The inter-agency meeting defined a system of coordination and cooperation among agencies to identify, apprehend, and prosecute fake notaries.

 IBP – Davao Chapter President Rogelio Largo feared that if this issue is not addressed immediately, the problem will continue to cause illegal transfers of ownership of properties, give rise to cases in court and affect the integrity or credibility of legally notarized documents.

 “We have strongly issued warnings against these perpetrators through the mainstream and social media,” Largo said.

 He added that IBP is serious with the multi-sector crackdown of illegal notarizations by non-lawyers who counterfeit notarial seals and stamps and forge signatures of licensed notaries and improper notarization by secretaries or staff of lawyers and other illegal practices.

 “This is just the beginning of the continuing campaign against illegal and unethical practices in the legal profession,” Largo added.

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