Exec urges traders: Help revive RoRo

AN official of the Indonesian government has urged both the business sectors of his country as well as of Mindanao to patronize the roll-on-roll of (RoRo) service between the cities of Davao and General Santos in Mindanao and Bitung in indonesia.

On the part of the Indonesian traders, said Indonesian Consul General Berlian Napitupulu Wednesday, there is even someone who is willing to act as consolidator of Indonesian goods that can be shipped to Mindanao.

“We have a sustainable cooperation (to sustain the service,” said Napitupulu, adding that traders in Mindanao who want to sell their products in the Indonesian markets should also assign a consolidator that will consolidate all their cargoes.

He said that if the small vessel, which has a capacity of about 100 containers, can only be filled with about half of its capacity, the service could continue.

In the case of agricultural products, shipping them is critical because “prices are very sensitive,” he added, pointing out that it is where the consolidators are needed.

On the part of Indonesia, some products that reach the Philippine shores pass through other countries that if they are directly brought to the Philippines prices will drastically go down.

Launched in April last year, the service was stopped in October last year even as the company behind it decided to change the vessel from the one with a capacity of 500 tons to the one with a capacity of 100 tons.

In sustaining the service, he said, trading between the two countries will increase and prices of products will go down.

This is the reason the Indonesian agency has been conducting promotional campaigns to lure both groups of traders to come up with concrete agreements that will help sustain the service.

The consulate held a business to business matching yesterday  and that it will also open the second food and beverage expo at Abreeza Ayala Mall today.

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