Exec: City to attract new, big investments

The local business sector has continued to take initiatives to promote the city for investments as it has become a mature place for new and expanded investments.

Arturo M. Milan, president of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the organization will continue to push for the promotion of the city as investment destination as it is seen to attract new and big companies that are interested in putting up their businesses here.

“We have seen the developments (of the city) since the time mayor (Rodrigo) Duterte assumed the presidency,” said Milan in reference to infrastructure facilities and other programs that the city has benefited from in relation to the leadership of the President.

Among these new projects, he said, is the setting up of the Mindanao Railway System which will not only benefit the city but the entire island. “Key infrastructure facilities like this are what the city and the rest of Mindanao really need to ensure that we are able to catch up with the rest of the country,” he added.

The first phase of the railway system is set to be built within the next four years and will traverse between Digos City in Davao del Sur and Tagum City in Davao del Norte as it will pass through the city.

There have also been other big ticket infrastructure projects like the bypass road and that there is also a plan to set up another airport in preparation for the saturation of the Davao International Airport.

Milan also thanked the leadership of Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio, daughter of the President, for instituting programs geared towards developing the city into one of the most progressive urban centers in the country.

The city government is in the thick of planning on the adoption of a mass transportation system that will help ease the traffic situation. The initial plan is to develop the rapid bus transit system that will gradually replace public utility jeepneys as main transport system of the city.

The city government has also developed key incentives for businesses both fiscal and non-fiscal and that these incentives get doubled if investors choose to develop projects in areas outside of the downtown.

He said the city has also become attractive to tourists because of its initiatives that have enhanced its image to visitors.

As a way of promoting the city, the business sector will continue holding events that will highlight the preparedness of the city in accepting new investments.
In September, the business group will hold the Davao Agri-Trade Expo which will highlight the agricultural potentials of the city.

During the Davao Investment Conference last year, several groups, among them foreign business organizations, expressed interest in probing the potentials of the city as an investment destination.

Several companies, among these Japanese and Chinese, have also started looking for partners for their investments.

Local investors, including those outside the city, have also been busy implementing their projects, particularly those in the real property development sector.

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