Enrique Montre at Marco Polo

CELEBRATE your pre-Valentine date with serenades of Enrique Montre at the Eagles Bar of Marco Polo Hotel on Saturday night.

Enrique Montre will play Pinoy’s love songs from the 70s up to the 80s in their show, starting 9 p.m.

The band is composed of Pio Valdez on lead/vocals, Samuel Rosel on keys/vocals and Erick Diao on vocals/percussion.

Enrique Montre is Davao’s supergroup with each of the three current members have successful run either as solo artists or as part of other groups.

In the 80′s, Valdez was a member of Sticky Stone, a very popular rock band in Davao. In the 90s, he became a member of the Pinoy reggae group Tropical Depression (Kapayapaan and Bilog Na Naman Ang Buwan). Valdez already performed in foreign countries such Maldives, United Arab Emirates, China and Korea.

Diao was a third generation member of the Pinoy boy band Flipper, the group behind the hit Di Ako Iiyak in the 90s. He also performed in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan, either as solo performers or with various live bands.

Rosel was a member of Music Empire that played in Kyoto, Japan. He was a member of Super Ace, one of the popular rock bands in Davao, in the 80s.

Enrique Montre regularly plays at Eagles Bar every Saturday.

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