Enjoy breakneck speeds via Smart LTE-Advanced

BIGGER, faster, better. This is how unrivaled mobile services leader Smart Communications is changing the way Filipinos are enjoying their favorite apps, games and videos on their smartphone with its recent launch of the country’s first LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) service in the renowned island of Boracay in Aklan.

Using a capability called “carrier aggregation,” which combines two or more radio frequency bands in order to deliver bigger bandwidth and faster data speeds, Smart’s LTE-A services has posted speeds of up to 250 Mbps, allowing users to download and upload huge files in seconds, stream movies and music seamlessly, and play their favorite games on a LTE-A capable device – such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 – without any hiccup.

“LTE-A is like being able to put together two or more separate highways in order to create a wider highway through which vehicular traffic can flow more freely and at a much faster rate,” explained Joachim Horn, PLDT and Smart chief technology and information advisor.

“With the introduction of our LTE-Advanced service, the next stage of development of 4th generation of mobile technology, Smart is again at the technology forefront, setting the bar higher for mobile service and changing our customers’ digital experience for the better.”

“This is a milestone for Filipino mobile users, whose lives are constantly changed for the better by Smart’s mobile innovations and services,” said Smart Wireless Consumer Operations Head Kat Luna-Abelarde at the launch.

“Smart has brought the future of mobile internet experience here and now, sparking a fundamental shift in our lifestyle and the way we pursue our passions, connect, and celebrate life-defining moments with our family and loved-ones.”

This latest development also goes hand in hand with Smart’s push for a richer digital experience through super-sized data and compelling device offers, which cater to the growing appetite of Filipinos for mobile videos, games and music.

“LTE-A, along with our continuing efforts to improve existing network technologies, strengthen our efforts to give our subscribers the best internet services and mobile video experience.”

Since the start of the year, Smart launched the country’s hottest device deals such as the P888 handset with free data and load rebates and, even more recently, the P888 Pocket WiFi – making it easier for Filipinos to discover the real-life benefits of online connectivity.

To deliver a super-sized mobile Internet experience to subscribers, Smart has also doubled its data offer for Big Bytes 50, which now comes with 700MB – up from the previous 350MB – for  surfing and streaming plus 650MB for YouTube, YouTube Gaming and iflix – valid for 3 days, still at P50.

Apart from deploying the country’s first LTE-A service, Smart has also been working on its 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks to enhance network resiliency and quality of data services to deliver the best possible digital experiences for subscribers nationwide.

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