Egalitarian | Transformative powers

THERE practically are different forms of power which define the manner people wield authorities over their communities. The Japanese understand three powers such as the military, treasure and mirror which represent strength, wealth and education. The social transformation which began in the United States in the 80’s paved the way for understanding other powers.

Along with understanding power is the desire to create alternative party which paved for the formation of the centrist party. Unlike other political parties, the centrist party pursued humanistic principles and economic freedom.

For many years centrist advocated federalism, lo and behold it is now a mainstream government agenda. Beset with the minuteness by number, yet centrist ideals found and cultivated sources of power. The strong belief on the capacity of each person as Marilyn Ferguson in her 1980 book Aquarian Conspiracy are the small drops that create big ripples in a dormant pond of dreams and visions. Ferguson enumerated the sources of powers as the power of the person, power of focus, power of letting go, power of flexibility, power to communicate, power to decentralize. Let me discuss these powers to convince you how mighty these are.

The power of the person refers to the capacity of the individual to decide to make a total change of behavior and mindset in so quick a manner. It is the anti-thesis of genetic design deciding over the person’s behavior. Along with the power of the person is the power of the network which belies individuality; a person needs a family, a friend, a society in order to harness the ability to decide. It is asking that portent question of what for?

The power of focus is nothing new. It is prominent across history as generations over generations believe of the karma which forced people to commit themselves to good habits else by the next life a punishment is served. The principle of reciprocity made people pursue principles in the hope that the next generation is made better by it. Besides, the yin-yang balance talks about limitation of everything and on anything else an imbalance will mean sickness, discomfort or an unhealthy living. Focus as a power means becoming calm amidst confusion, becoming calm even when it is not sought. Sun Tzu, the greatest war strategist China had produced cautioned his generals to remain calm even at the brink of defeat.

At the instance when a problem seems impossible, the power of flexibility allows new perspective by allowing the opposition to become part of the solution. It is making a stance in order to channel the energy of the opponent towards a desired direction. Similar to Aikido. Those who mastered the power of flexibility ups the ante by making the opponent play significant role to solve the problem. Note that at some point, the strongest orders are those given in a subtle way, not by direct imposition of authority.

The power to communicate is not the ordinary transmission of information, it is contaminating others with the idea one strongly believes in. It is the ability to convert the vision in the minds of the recipients of the message. And as the saying goes, nobody passes through the rain without getting wet.

Power of decentralization happens to be my favorite power. In this power, new ideas, energy authority, responsibility and ambition are flowed to all parts of the political body making a barangay a dynamic and cataclysmic government unit. Decentralization and its older brother federalization provide social dynamics that facilitate growth and cause to mature economic-political orders. But along the winding road of development is the process of scaling off the culture and the intricate systems that diminish the ability of the society for autonomy.

My friend, Milton Medina who is into transformative education, asked me of the message I am trying to convey. I told him that unlike other powers, these powers are within the capacity of every person. No requirement of a position, of money, of subordinates.

These are powers deep within.

If powers are weld by the people of a nation, a massive transformation occurs. Let me emphasize that if a nation is continually beset by poverty, hunger and helplessness, its people has distorted the concept of autonomy, industry and self-respect. The last three are results of effective use of power. If people readily accept their dismal situation, then they lost their ideals, their dreams, and their futures.


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